MWAMBUTSYA NDEBESA: Pastor Ssempa & Co don’t know what they are talking about

Mwambutsya Ndebesa is a Historian and lecturer at Uganda’s oldest institution, Makerere University (FILE PHOTO)

By Mwambutsya Ndebesa

What is this talk by pastors about the Tuliyambala’ engule?

That Kyagulanyi’s use of the concept is blasphemous? Engule or crown in English itself is language associated with the political arena. Crowns historically were won by Kings and queens, not pastors and their ordinary folks!

In Uganda, we have the salvation army which appropriated military language complete with military titles in its hierarchy.

Should leaders of the Salvation Army be court-martialed for using military language?

These pastors sound Amish where Idi Amin decreed against anybody using the title president to the extent that it would be criminal say to be called a guild president or president Mother’s Union!.

Appropriating language concepts, phrases, slogans and symbols from religion and applied in politics and vice versa is historical and universal.


Mr Ndebesa is a historian teaching at Makerere University, Kampala



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