Mao grilled over Busia LCV election fiasco

A section of the public has lashed out at DP party President Norbert Mao for attempting to disband DP member and Busia LC V Candidate, Deogratias Njoki, from the party for taking his new opening at UHRC (FILE PHOTO)

BUSIA – A section of Ugandans have lashed out at Democratic Party President, Nobert Mao after he threatened to treat, Deogratias Njoki as a deserter if he pushes ahead with plans to back out of the LCV Busia Local Government election for a job at Uganda Human Rights Commission.

This was after Mao took to his twitter handle threatening: “High intrigue! I confirm that our candidate for Busia LCV Chairperson Mr. Deo Njoki has been nominated to the Uganda Human Rights Commission. I have strongly urged him to say NO!!! Biting the bait would be extreme treachery. He will be denounced as a deserter and treated as such.”

Mao’s outburst follows a letter authored by Njoki where he announced his backing out of the 28th November 2018 election, despite the fact that all the opposition candidates had been persuaded to lay low their political ambitions in favour of one candidate.

Njoki explained that on the 9th November 2018, he received a copy of the letter dated 8th November 2018 addressed to the Speaker of Parliament appointing him as a member of Uganda Human Rights Commission which appointment he claimed to have been made way back before the program for the by-elections had been announced.

In his letter, Njoki acknowledged the impasse his appointment had created within the opposition and asked the opposition to support and corporate with him, as he takes his place at the Commission.

“The timing of the appointment after nomination closed on the 7th November 2018 did not leave opportunity for the parties that had sponsored and supported my candidature an alternative candidate,” Njoki wrote.

He added: “It was outside my control. If approved by Parliament, I would as a citizen consider serving my country as a member of the Uganda Human Rights Commission.”

Mao’s reaction, coupled with threats to declared Njoki a deserter didn’t sit well with some Ugandans, led by Angelo Izama who replied to Mao’s tweet writing, “What is wrong with him serving at the Commission? Is the intention to remove him from the race?”

Moses Kintu also chipped in mocking Mao’s intolerance noting; “Chairman, NRM government is tolerant, humble and considerate. Have you ever been inhumanely treated whenever you come to State House for your meetings because you are Democratic Party member??? Let the man serve his country.”

Richard Tumusiime told off Mao that there was no guarantee that Njoki was going to win the election and therefore, he shouldn’t be blamed for opted for an alternative early win.

Orishaba Benedicto lashed out at Mao for making a mockery of Uganda’s opposition asserting: “You need to apologize to FDC, this kind of treachery jeopardizes the future of the political corporation.”

Yusuf Kambugu blamed Mao for sticking by old turks, in total denial of giving youths a seat at political high table remarking, “I think there is much hunger and desperacy amongst most members on the opposition. That is why the opposition should focus on the young turks. Otherwise, these desperate people past their prime are looking for grabs in their evenings and once the bait is put, they can’t escape trap.”



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