NSSF drags Makerere to court over failing to pay its staff’s monthly contribution

The National Social Security Fund wants Makerere staff paid monthly contribution. (FILE PHOTO)

KAMPALA-The National Social Security Fund (NSSF) has dragged Makerere University to the High Court Civil division for allegedly failing to pay its staff’s monthly contribution.

According to the court documents, NSSF says that under the law it has a statutory entitlement to receive on a monthly basis from every employer in Uganda15% of all employees’ gross salary to be credited to the individual employee’s account it holds.

NSSF says that Makerere is an educational institution providing employment to more than five persons and qualifies to be a contributing member within the domain of the law.

However such employment is not exempted under the NSSF Act except if the institution is running a superannuation scheme approved by the minister in writing which the university does not have.

“Makerere is in breach of its statutory obligations to NSSF by non-remittance of the standard monthly contribution of the total wages paid to its employees,” reads part of NSSF’s claim.

NSSF claims that the actions of Makerere as described above constitutes a breach of law for which the fund has suffered loss and damage which the university is liable.

Through its lawyers of Kasirye Byaruhanga & Company Advocates, NSSF wants an order that Makerere avails to its particulars regarding each of its employees their gross wages and the total social security contributions due on such wages.

They also want an order that Makerere pays all the unremitted contribution arrears to date, all the unremitted contribution arrears, all the accrued interest on the delayed remittances, interest on the general damages from the date of judgment until payment in full and costs of the case.

NSSF also claims that a statutory notice was duly served to the university as required by the law but was ignored.



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