NRM scoffs at opposition unity threats

Frank Tumwebaze, the Minister for ICT and National Guidance said that opposition unity can never threaten Museveni. (FILE PHOTO)

KAMPALA– The Minister for ICT and National Guidance, Frank Tumwebaze has scoffed at plans by Opposition to unite to overthrow the NRM regime describing the ploys as wishful thinking, saying Uganda’s Opposition is too disorganized to unite.

Tumwebaze made the remarks today Tuesday while addressing a press briefing at Media Center where he was updating the nation on the upcoming international police day which will take place tomorrow Wednesday 3 and called on Ugandans to be patient and tolerant with Police as the Force tries to fulfill its duties.

While responding to questions on the departure of former FDC President Mugisha Muntu to form New Formation, Tumwebaze lashed out at the Opposition at concentrating on the overthrow of President Yoweri Museveni, instead of coming up with concrete issues to unite them, saying NRM isn’t bothered because all those who oppose the current regime are only interested in taking the top seat.

“How comes they don’t talk about the environment? What is their position on the environment? What is their position on taxation? What is their position on the economy? What is their position on the economy? If they would find that there are areas of commonality, there, they would unite,” the Minister said.

He added, “But you can’t unite today, tomorrow on just being against an individual and because they are against an individual, it becomes a rivalry, the political rivalry of just occupying the seat.”

The Minister asserted that NRM isn’t bothered by the on-going re-organising among the opposition because they do not have issues that unite them apart from fighting President Museveni and warned that if the infighting persists, the Opposition groups will start fighting amongst themselves especially on who should replace Museveni.

“It starts on Museveni and it will be amongst themselves because if you are harassing Museveni because he has overstayed in the seat and you want to occupy his seat, then even among themselves, the rivalry will catch up with them. After removing Museveni, who will occupy that seat? Unless they focus on issues, issues are more sustainable than sentiments than targeting an individual,” he explained.

He said that the only thing that can bother NRM is an attempt to divide the Party, “That is why people said we concentrated so much on Amama Mbabazi and we forgot about the Opposition. Yes, that was true because we didn’t want our own to divide us if NRM membership isn’t divided, then we aren’t divided. We are watching them, but we aren’t really threatened.”





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