‘Namboole or not, we shall hold Kyarenga!’Bobi Wine hits out at State

Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine has slammed the state clearly declaring that the Kyarenga Concert will happen with or without Namboole (FILE PHOTO)

KAMPALA – Musician cum politician Bobi Wine has fired back at Namboole stadium management and FUFA accusing them of being used by the state to frustrate his concert.

This followed the two letters by FUFA and Namboole administration one dated October 17 and 19 respectively halting his much-anticipated concert.

“To the administrators of Namboole stadium, officials of FUFA and others who are used in these kinds of dirty games, please know that Ugandans are watching,” Bobi Wine posted on social media.

He added that “no matter how much pressure you get from the regime, always do your job without fear or favour. Namboole belongs to Uganda. It is not private property. The positions you hold there are public positions. You must never use them against the people.”

Bobi Wine also alleged that Namboole administration was put under intense pressure by the state for entering into an agreement with him to host his concert that the state is doing everything possible frustrate his other businesses.

The letter sanctioned by the Namboole stadium management halting the Kyarenga Concert citing standards

“As shameful as this is, I am not surprised. You need to talk to any of the administrators at Namboole and see the amount of pressure they have been under from the regime not to host us,” he claimed adding that “many of them have been receiving threatening calls every after a few minutes.”

The FUFA letter cautioning the Namboole Stadium management on hosting the concert (public event)

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He added that “I also know that they are doing everything possible to block all my businesses and other sources of income.”

According to Bobi Wine, blocking Kyarenga is an attack on music, on the arts, on business, on free expression and on livelihood as citizens.

He, however, remained opportunistic and promised his fans that his administration is actively devising means for other venue options to host the Kyarenga.

“Regarding the concert, the good news is that we are actively looking at different options and will communicate very soon. What I know is that whether Namboole or not, we shall hold the KYARENGA album launch pretty soon,” he said.



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