KCCA to sue Phaneero followers over destruction of city property

Phaneero Ministry followers on Kampala streets preaching gosple ahead of their anniversary. KCCA accuses them of destroying city properties. (Photo by Xanthia Leni )

KAMPALA- Kampala Capital City Authority has threatened to sue some followers of Phaneero Ministries over destruction of the property around the city ahead of their forthcoming anniversary at Kololo on Saturday.

Taking to their official twitter handle, KCCA gave warning note, “We have noted with great displeasure the continued destruction of green belts. Be cautioned that trespass is abuse of the law & undermines the beautification efforts undertaken in the City. Following a series of sensitization against this vice, prosecution will ensue.”

Phaneero Ministries led by Grace Lubega are set to celebrate their fourth anniversary since establishing footprint in Uganda.

The born again group that fellowship at Uganda Manufacturers Association (UMA) grounds took to the streets of Kampala and other towns in Uganda to preach the word of God.

The team took their massive campaign to the internet, sharing photos of their troops preaching the word of God, although, some photos seem to implicate the young preachers in destruction of assets of the Authority, especially the beautified grass around the city, something KCCA didn’t take in good faith and sounded a warning.

But the warning followed criticism from members of the public who questioned why KCCA has chosen to apply their laws selectively by watching on as Phaneero followers destroy the grass and flowers around the city.

Some even wondered if KCCA, Executive Director, Jeniffer Musisi is scared of going after fellow born again members since she fellowships at Watoto Church. Now, the Authority has threatened to arrest and prosecute all those found destroying the conveyor belts.



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