HAPPENING NOW: Tension in Kisekka, Kamwokya over Bobi Wine, Zaake

Heavy deployment in Kamwokya, a Kampala suburb, as Bobi Wine protest renew tension in the Kampala Metropolitan area (PML Daily PHOTO)

KAMWOKYA/KAMPALA – Police and UPDF officers are currently deployed in Kisekka market and Kamwokya township amid sporadic outbreaks of violence over the government’ refusal to allow MPs Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine and Francis Zaake travel abroad for specialised treatment.

Kisekka market has in the recent past been the start of anti-government demonstrations while Kamwokya is where Bobi Wine grew up from and also owns a string of businesses.

And on Thursday morning, several of Bobi Wine’s supporters, spurred on by reports that Bobi Wine has been blocked from travelling abroad for treatment following torture by security operatives, attempted to block roads and light fires. However, police immediately swung into action and blocked them.

In Kisekka, the military is largely taking control of the security situation. Several traders have closed their shops and stood on the balcony of the buildings. Others were seen shouting ‘People Power, our power’ slogans before the onlooking soldiers as they demanding that Bobi Wine is allowed to travel for treatment.

Tension at Kisekka as military deployment gears up to avert any protests (PML Daily PHOTO)

Heavy military vehicles are currently patrolling the area.

Bobi Wine and Zaake were on Wednesday blocked from travelling abroad for treatment by police who later drove the MPs to Kiruddu hospital.

Zaake’s passport was even confiscated by police who claimed he was trying to flee the country from treason charges he is yet to face in court.

On his part, it is not clear why police blocked Bobi Wine from travelling abroad for specialised treatment given that he was on Monday granted bail by court and allowed to seek treatment at any hospital of his choice.

After arresting the MPs last night, police wrote on their Facebook page that they were waiting for government advice on whether Bobi Wine had violated any law.

More details to follow…



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