Weasel says he is under too much pressure from the public

Weasal Manizo (File Photo)

KAMPALA: While holding the first TV interview since the demise of partner and friend of Goodlyfe Music, Moze Radio, Weasel Manizo says he’s under too much pressure from the fans and the entire public on what decisions to take as as a solo artist.

‘People think I don’t understand, i have grieved for Radio and still grieving more than anyone, but you wake up and someone says do this, do that, what exactly do you want me to do? The presssure is too much, just let me decide and wait to support the music’ voiced a sombre Wesael.

Artiste Weasel Manizo (FILE PHOTO)

For months now, fans have criticised Weasel for a number of things, like joining the Bryan White Foundation, getting back to music, among others.

He also addressed the issue of vandalizing Frank’s car, a brother to the late Radio saying he will not allow anyone take anything that belongs to Radio’s children.

Late Mowzey Radio (left) and singing partner Douglas Mayanja aka Weasal.

‘Me and Radio went through hell to reach where we had reached, Radio has never worked to cater for his brother or sister, we’ve always worked to see our children happy, had Radio been around, he would do the same for me! So I urge his family to give back anything they took belonging to the late. I will fight tooth and nail for those children and hand over what belongs to them.’

He concluded by saying he’s never signed any contract with anyone as a manager, so all those that have worked with him and the late Radio did so on a friendly basis. The likes of Washington, Chagga, among others, saying ‘when me and Chagga fight, we always make up because we are family as he’s the one who introduced me to the music industry.’



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