You will pay for it! Lukwago takes on security forces over explosive that blew off boy’s arm

Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago paying Igembe Saidi a visit. The  pupil lost his palm, a finger and suffered abdominal injuries in an explosive at his school. (PML Daily PHOTO)

KAMPALA– Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago has confirmed legal action against government for abandoning a 13-year-old pupil who lost his palm during an explosive that blew off his hand.

Igembe Saidi, a pupil at Mother Care Bright School in Maganjo, Kawempe Division, Wakiso District, lost his palm, a finger and suffered abdominal injuries after the explosive, which was later confirmed to be a bomb, went off as the pupils at school played with it mistaking it for a toy.

And now, Mr Lukwago, who visted the boy at his home on Tuesday, blamed the incident on the security agencies.

“Profoundly touched by the heartbreaking story of this little boy who is helplessly languishing at his uncle’s place in Maganjo where I visited him today. Igembe Saidi was gearing up for his PLE exams before a dream-shattering tragedy befell him as a result of sheer recklessness and/or negligence of our security forces,” he wrote on his Facebook wall.

“On the day Hon Kyagulanyi Robert was scheduled to return from the US, several military personnel were deployed in the vicinity of their school in Maganjo. In course of their stay there they dropped some ball-like explosive, which was an allurement to kids on account of its glittering appearance,” he added.

The Lord Mayor added that the explosive was picked up by a pupil at school.

“As Igembe and other classmates held the said dazzling object with extraordinary admiration, it suddenly exploded and shattered his left palm which was completely blown off, his right hand also sustained grievous harm, resulting into amputation of his index finger and lower abdomen was split open etc…,” he said.

Mr Lukwago said police confirmed that the explosive was a bomb which had been inadvertently abandoned by the military personnel at the place where they had pitched camp.

“It’s rather absurd to note that up to now no single security agency or government institution has come to his rescue. I have shared this matter of great concern with colleagues in the People’s government and see how to explore means and ways of securing specialised treatment for this innocent soul.

“Meanwhile, we’ve already commenced litigation against government, on pro-bono basis, to ensure that the poor boy and family get justice.”




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