Tamale Mirundi predicts ‘People Power’ will dominate Parliament in 2021

Media Presidential advisor Joseph Tamale Mirundi predicted ‘People Power’ to dominate House come 2021. (FILE PHOTO)

KAMPALA– Motor mouthed presidential advisor Joseph Tamale Mirundi in a live broadcast claimed that the NRM majority in Parliament has now become illusionary in the face of “People Power” and that National Chairman, President Yoweri Museveni, can no longer guarantee their political survival nor control them in Parliament.

Mirundi, while on a local Television satiation also predicted that Bobi Wine’s pressure group, the “People Power” will dominate Parliament in 2021-2016.

The ‘People Power’ phrase by Bobi Wine now seen as the founder of a new emerging strong political movement, People Power Our Power.

The movement is so popular amongst the young citizens who are the majority of the population.

The movement has been tested in the recent by-elections held in Jinja, Bugiri and Arua municipalities, where Bobi Wine turned around voting patterns in favour of the opposition. His message spread like wildfire and soon he would win himself international admiration for standing up to challenge President Museveni.

“The group “People’s Power” is a real threat to the ruling party, because slogans have ditched several governments around the world from Kenya to the USA and Germany,” he said.

Bobi Wine says that the People Power campaign is to ensure that citizens are in charge of their destiny and that they can use their stake in the country to end abuse, corruption, bad governance, and restore rule of law.

However, NRM’s chief whip in parliament Ms Ruth Nankabirwa refuted the claims by both Tamale Mirundi and Bobi Wine saying Museveni does not control Parliament nor think for NRM MPs.

“NRM MPs are independent-minded as witnessed in recent voting on Mobile Money tax bill. MRM MPs took divergent sides on issues,” she said.

She also explained that Mr Museveni who is also the party National Chairman only works with them to galvanize certain positions and he is an expert at raising consciousness and lobbying but has never sought to bind anyone to himself.

Some of the ruling NRM ‘rebel’ MPs including Theodore Ssekikubo (Lwemiyaga County), Barnabas Tinkasimire (Buyaga West), Mbwatekamwa Gaffa (Kasambya county),  Patrick Nsamba (Kasanda North)  and Monica Amoding (Kumi Woman Member) John Baptist Nambeshe, the Manjiya County MP (NRM) has on different occasions worked with people power.

The MPs claim they were isolated by other party members including the national chairman for holding a divert view during the age limit removal and that they were banned from all the party activities.

The MPs recently said they are considering joining the New Formation formed by former Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) President, Gen. Mugisha Muntu or Bobi Wine’s pressure group.

But Bobi Wine denied his “People Power” is not a political party or political organisations for that matter.

“The people should be the real masters of their destiny. The leaders should be scared of the citizens and not the other way round. But here in Uganda, the citizens are scared of the leaders because the leaders will beat them if they dare raise their voices. So People Power is everybody. People Power is an idea. It is unstoppable. Let us stand together or remain slaves oppressed in our own country.” he said.



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