SHOCKING: MP in trouble for poisoning parliament staff

Kanungu district woman MP Elizabeth Karungi has been dragged to court over allegedly poisoning a one, Donna Kamuli, a parliament of Uganda official (FILE PHOTO)

KAMPALA – Kanungu district woman MP Elizabeth Karungi is in trouble after she has been dragged to court for allegedly poisoning a parliamentary receptionist whom she mistakenly thought had a love affair with her husband.

According to the court documents filed before the High Court civil division, Ms Donna Kamuli accuses the MP through a waitress on September 1, 2018, of administering a poison called deltamethrin and cyprodinil through a packed water bottle labelled “Rwenzori for Café’ Pap’.

Ms Kamuli narrates that on August 31, 2018, Ms Karungi called her suggesting that they meet at cafe Pap restaurant to have a woman to woman talk however Kamuli promised to call back since she was attending a party and had to postpone their meeting to the next day.

That while there; the legislator narrated to Kamuli of how her husband Allan Kamugisha is seeing a fairly young brown lady whom he picks from a hostel in Makerere Kikoni and drops her at Parliament every day.

Kamuli contends that the MP disclosed to her that she had put a price of Shs 20 million and had a balance of Shs 60million for people to trail and kill that young woman who is destabilizing her marriage.

“I was so shocked and froze and could not drink the water anymore although at that time I had drunk half the bottle,” Kamuli says.

Adding: “I told the legislator that I was not young, am a mature woman, married and now separated with 14 years old first born, with my own car and had never been driven by her husband. I showed her my family photos including my estranged husband. The legislator’s body language showed shock and regret though she could not say.”

Kamuli says that she Immediately after taking the water, experienced untold stomach ache prompting her to carry out a thorough medical checkup and examination at the Government analytical laboratory and the findings showed that a pesticide -Deltamethrin was administered in her drink

Through her lawyers of Rwakafuuzi and Company Advocates, Ms Kamuli now wants the legislator to pay her damages, compensatory and punitive and costs of the suit for causing permanent damage to her intestines, eyes and the entire nervous system because according to medical orders the poisonous substance detected in (Kamuli’s) body has no cure.



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