Ibanda residents protest over gov’t neglected road

Police trying to calm down the angry residents over the damaged road in Ibanda district. (PML Daily Photo)

IBANDA- Ibanda locals, Bufunda division, Ibanda Municipality on Wednesday staged a protest by blocking Nyamirima-Bwahwa road, which they claim gov’t neglected after had been damaged by the heavy rains.

According to James Kandahura, a resident in Bufunda, besides the heavy rains, the said road has not been graded for over 15 years which made it impassable.

“This road has been like this for the last 15years, and now it has become worse because of heavy rains,” said Kandahura

SP Chebene Rodgers, the Ibanda district police commander says residents using hoes dug big pits on the road, planting banana stems and dumping logs across the road.

However, Police later came in to calm the situation.

Chebene who blamed the leaders for failing to do their work, asked residents to keep calm down and cover the pits and take the matter in the better procedure.

“I know that ours is security but these leaders meet in council every time; they should rectify this,” said the DPC.




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