Kayihura resorts to reading revolutionary books in detention

Former IGP Gen. Kale Kayihura is still incarcerated after his arrest on June 13. (FILE PHOTO)

MAKINDYE: Incarcerated former police chief Gen Kale Kayihura has taken to reading in order to pass time as he awaits his next fate after spending nearly two months in detention at the Military Police Barracks in Makindye, Kampala.

With no sign of being presented in court nowhere in sight, highly placed security sources and those who have visited the beleaguered General say he has asked his family members, who occasionally visit him, to bring his favourite books which he spends most of the time reading.

According to sources, Gen Kayihura likes reading a book titled ‘Conflicting Missions’ by Piero Gleijes, which details Cuba’s policy in Africa from 1959 when Fidel Castrol took over power to 1976.

Sources added that he also reads ‘Capital in the Twenty-First Century’ by Thomas Piketty, whose central argument is about inequality in a capitalist world and its implications on democracy.

A copy of Capital in the Twenty-First Century, a book by French economist Thomas Piketty (NET PHOTO)

The former police chief is also said to enjoy reading the Bible.

Sources that in his two-bedroom apartment inside the barracks, Gen Kayihura has a television set from which he watches news.

His meals are also prepared from his home in Muyenga and then delivered under military guard to him. Sources said the General is served the food under strict restrictions, with whoever delivering the food ordered to taste it to ensure that it is safe.

The former IGP is also allowed to move out of the house but can’t go jogging. Amid all this, sources said, the military guards are busy monitoring all his moves.

Sources add that the former police chief is also allowed some visitors two days in the week, that is Tuesdays and Fridays. Sources say some of his regular visitors are his personal doctor, lawyers and family members. He is also allowed to make phone calls on request, although he is not allowed to keep the phone or read newspapers.

The revelation comes a day after the UPDF dismissed claims that it’s about to present Gen Kayihura before the court-martial for prosecution. The story aired by a local television said Kayihura’s prosecution was imminent as investigations into his reign were complete. However, Defence spokesperson Brig Richard Karemire described the report as “just speculation.”



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