Buikwe Woman MP organizes secret introduction amid man-snatching allegations

Ssalongo Paul Musoke Sebulime, Nnalongo Lukiya Ntale and Judith Babirye (FILE PHOTO)

BUIKWE – Buikwe Woman MP Judith Babirye is set to hold a secret introduction ceremony in a bid to avoid likely interruption of the function by another woman who is reportedly married to his husband-to-be Peter Musoke.

Three weeks ago, a woman identified as Lukia Ntale came out on different news sites and social media, accusing Babirye of being a husband snatcher. She claimed that Musoke, who is also MP for Buikwe North, has been married to her for the last 10 years and that they have children together. However, Babirye responded, saying he loves her man and that she doesn’t care whether Musoke is married or not.

And now this website has seen invitation cards to a few people, indicating that the function is July 28 at a private venue that is to be communicated in SMS on the last day for fear of intruders.

It has emerged that the two MPs fear that Lukia could do anything to sabotage this function.

A copy of the invitation to the introduction (PML Daily Photo)

The public has since come out to condemn Babirye, who is a staunch Christian and popular gospel singer for going against her Christian values.

Zoker Katumwa, reacting to the story on his Facebook wall, said: The last time I checked, Judith Babirye was a Pentecostal Christian. She was so much against so many worldly things she deemed unchristian like straightening one’s hair using chemicals. She, out of the blue, went against her Christian values when she appeared in a Movit advert with straightened hair. And again she was involved in relationship scandal when she snatched her “Manager from another woman. She is at it again….planning to introduce a married man. She was all along a wolf in a sheep’s skin using Pentecostalism as leverage to gain political capital and riches.”

Silva Nuwagira says: “ I can’t wait to see that movie. Someone tell Babirye to put on sports wear clothes on that day…”

However, Ssaka Mark defends the artiste-cum politician: Point of correction! The man[Musoke] has two children with Lukiah but not married ! Many people have children from their past relationships but are not married! The whole thing is exaggerated here because they hold high positions but trust me, many of us are doing exactly what Babirye and his hubby to-be are doing.”



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