Bishops vow to block sex education in catholic schools

Pupils of Kiteezi Primary School. Catholic Bishops shun the National Sexuality Education Framework 2018, saying it contradicts christian values. (Photo: JaviraS)

KAMPALA – The Uganda Episcopal Conference, the assembly of the Catholic Bishops in the country wants government to amend the National Sexuality Education Framework 2018, saying it contradicts christian values.

In a statement issued on Wednesday, Gulu Archbishop John Baptist Odama, also the Chairman of the Conference,  the bishops fault the recently launched framework claiming it fails to answer some crucial questions and now want it modified to suit their schools.

The same position, the catholic bishops said, has also earlier been reached during the Uganda Joint Christian Council Meeting on May 1, where catholic bishops pointed out issues they want addressed in the suggested amendment, key among them, exposing inappropriate content to children in nursery and lower primary schools and ignoring vital role of the family in the sexuality mentorship. 


“Should the National Sexuality Education Framework remain unchanged, with the provisions and directives contrary to our Christian values, we shall not be able in conscience to have it introduced and taught in our Christian founded schools,” the statement, issued after their assembly met at Nsambya for five days after Martyrs Day read.

Archbishop John Baptist Odama addressing the press recently (FILE PHOTO)

While the bishops argue that the church is in favor of sex education contrary to what many may think, they pointed out;- “the church is in favour of a positive, age, appropriate, culturally and religious sensitive education which upholds moral and Christian values.”

They say the contribution of Catholic Church experts to the final and published edition of the framework were ignored  by the ministry of education.

The Ministry of Education and Sports on May 1 this year launched the National Sexuality education Framework at Kampala parent’s school. The first ever framework will now guide on sexuality education for Ugandan youthful population.

Sexual Education has remained a controversial issue in Uganda for years now. However, the Catholic bishops have indicated that they believe sexuality education is an important component for an integral and a health education of children, but must be done right.  



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