Diva Angella Katatumba beaten unconscious in restaurant brawl

Ms Angella Katatumba was reportedly pushed head-first to the ground and later hit with a rubbish bin that knocked her unconcious.

The Honourary Consul to Pakistan in Uganda, Ms Angella  Katatumba narrowly escaped death after being beaten to unconsciousness at the popular Chicken Tonight Restaurant in Kabalaga.

The music diva was reportedly in company of a one KZ Kuzi, a Jamaican singer, with whom they were from working on a song at Baltmor Records. The two drove to the restaurant at 4am  on March 29, to grab a bite after a long day’s work according to Ms Katatumba’s brother Allan Katatumba.

On reaching the restaurant, they ordered for chips and chicken which was served and they later asked for Ketchup.

The waiter who they reportedly identified as John  Kaddu brought both ketchup and chilli sauce and put them on the table without clarifying which was which.

Allan adds that Kuzi who isn’t Ugandan couldn’t differentiate between the two because of poor packaging. He asked the waiter to show him which was ketchup and he pointed to chilli in a sort of arrogant manner and Kuzi used lots of it on his plate thinking it to be ketchup which made the food impossible to eat.

Allan goes on to narrate that Angellah and Kuzi were frustrated and asked to speak to the manager who at the moment was asleep just by the restaurant counter. They asked that either their food be change an apology be given since they were daily customers and had even been there the previous night.

Without listening to the customers frustration, the manager, Olubrwoth Ochoka, ordered Angellah and Kuzi to leave the restaurant which they declined to do.

This was the start of a brawl between Angellah, Kuzi and the restaurant staff.

The manager started by beating up Kuzi who persistently asked for an explanation over the unfair treatment .

Angellah tried to stop the brawl but was also beaten by the night watchman identified as Okoth Denis, who was later joined in by the waiter.

The night watchman pushed Angellah out of the restaurant  making her fall head first to the ground. He then picked a rubbish bin from outside and threw it on Angellah’s head knocking her unconscious for some hours.

She later gained consciousness and her bag which she had earlier left at the restaurant counter was thrown to her. She later drove away with Kuzi.

Katatumba later learnt that she had been robbed of Shs6.2m and believes it was the manager of the restaurant since it was him who threw the bag at her.

Ms Katatumba later opened up a case under file number CRB353/18 at Kabalagala Police Station.

It should be remembered that music icon Moses Ssekibogo aka Mowzey Radio of Goodlyfe died after a similar brawl he was involved in at a bar in Entebbe in February.

The manager of De Bar, a friend and a key suspect in the killing of Mowzey are still under police custody as the key suspect Godfrey Wamala. aka Troy faces charges of murder.

Angella with Kuzi in a photo taken during the recording of the music: COURTESY PHOTOS




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