Kadaga threatens to quit IPU over homosexuality debate

Ms Rebecca Kadaga at a past IPU meeting: NET PHOTO

The Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kagada on Friday went bare knuckles at the Inter Parliamentary Union conference, accusing the IPU president Gabriela Cuevas Barron for allegedly smuggling the homosexuality motion on the order paper .

Ms Kadaga led a group of Ugandan MPs to attend the138th Assembly taking place at the IPU headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.

“I opposed the president of the IPU Gabriella Barroza for allegedly smuggling the homosexuality motion on the order paper without the consent of both Asian and African representatives,” Ms Kadaga wrote on her twitter account.

Kadaga is an ardent advocate against the gay Community and in December 2012, she vowed to pass the Anti Homosexuality Bill through Parliament.

At one time, she sought to make acts of Homosexuality punishable by death or life imprisonment but later removed the death penalty from the Bill.

The Speaker has previously had a diplomatic row with a Canadian minister over preserving rights of sexual minorities.

While in Canada in 2012, Ms Kadaga reminded the diplomat that Uganda was neither a colony nor protectorate of Canada and as such her sovereignty, societal and cultural norms were to be respected.

“This issue you want to bring has broken the Anglican Church. You are bringing an issue that is going to divide us. This matter should not come for discussion. This is not fair, we cannot allow it,” Ms Kadaga told IPU speaker Barroza on Friday.





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