KCCA launches campaign to fight illegal sell of sisha, drugs in pubs

Shisha smoking is an increasingly popular pastime of Uganda’s “socialites” and party-goers. Uganda ostensibly banned shisha in 2015. File photo.

KAMPALA–Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) has launched a crackdown on illegal drugs and chemicals, commonly known as shisha, smoked in bars and other social places. The drive is also targeting retail shops and restaurants.

The crackdown, according to KCCA health officials, is in line with the Tobacco control Act, 2015.

On Tuesday, KCCA health officials, enforcement team together with police raided several city pubs, confiscating shisha, containers and smoking pipes.

Some of the affected pubs were Fame Lounge and other shops on Transnile Link building in Arua park, Kampala.

Dr. Daniel Okello, KCCA’s director of public health and environment, revealed that his team is in the field, confiscating more drugs.

He added the crackdown aims at enhancing tobacco control in the country.

KCCA has also embarked on sensitizing both Ugandans and foreigners.

Rwanda, Tanzania ban Sisha smoking

Last year, leaders in Rwanda and Tanzania banned the importation of Sisha in their countries.

The Rwanda’s health ministry went ahead to banadvertising of shisha within its territory over health concerns.




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