Museveni sends team to evaluate 2016 NRM manifesto cross Uganda

Kampala city NRM Salim Uhuru says nothing has been achieved in Kampala apart from endless strikes. File photo.

The NRM party has launched programme to evaluate its 2016 manifesto.

The district chairpersons will be involved in the assesement programme.

The office of the chairman yesterday sent a team to traverse the country. In Kampala city, the chairman of the party Salim Uhuru, this afternoon told PML Daily that he received a call from the office of the chairman, informing him that the team will come to evaluate the 2016 party manifesto in his area.

“Our party chairman, President Museveni told his personal secretary to inform me that two weeks from now, the team will be in Kampala city to evaluate the party performance. Of course, I have issues to raise to them,”Uhuru explained.

Milly Babirye, the personal secretary to the party chairman, who was assigned by the President to inform the party chairpersons, said the assessment is done as an accountability to the people of Uganda, by showing them what NRM party has so far achieved.

“The team we have assigned to do the job started to traverse the districts, meeting the chairpersons. The chairpersons also have a duty to follow up on what has been achieved,” Babirye, who is also Presidential advisor, explained.

Uhuru, however, revealed that nothing has been achieved in the city, apart from endless strikes. He also questioned the motive of evaluating the manifesto when the party secretariat is not functioning well.

“They should first empower the party officials before, embarking on evaluating the manifesto. These officials are answerable to the party members. But also they have offices where to operate from,” he said.

But Babirye said evaluating the manifesto is very important because it’s almost one year and half since the President swore in.

“After country wide assessment, the team will report back to the President. So far, we are doing well,” Babirye added.

In the running of the party affairs, the office of the chairman is very vital in fulfilling the pledges and development programmes.

Uhuru noted that all the assignments shouldn’t be handled by the President but also elected leaders in their jurisdiction. This can be done through empowering the party structures.

Other party chairmen like Saleh Kamba thinks that corruption had crippled service delivery in the districts, adding that the assessment is intended to emphasise monitoring and evaluation.



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