Why Besigye secured his car windscreen with metallic barricade

Dr Besigye’s car that has been fitted with metallic barricade. Courtesy photo.


Former FDC presidential candidate Dr Kizza Besigye has come out to explain why his ‘war machine’ has been pimped with burglar proofing.

Besigye said on Monday morning that since 2011, he has been sinking millions of money in repairing wind screens that police smash in attempts to arrest him.

“It is not about protecting myself and the people inside the car, but my car glasses too… Even some police vehicles have them [the wire-mesh glasses]. So, let us all put and we get into the battlefield,” Besigye said.

According to the four-time presidential candidate, police have been finding it easy to arrest him but with the metallic fitting, they will find it hard.

“What I have done is build protection for myself so that I can be able to move in a car that gives them hard time,” he said.

 Dr Kizza Besigye said police have been finding it easy to arrest him. File photo.

It should be remembered that in 2011, Besigye’s car window was smashed with a hammer and pistol butt by Gilbert Arinaitwe Bwana, an overzealous cop, who sprayed him with pepper.

The trend has since never changed with IGP Kale Kayihura in 2016 promising to buy him a new vehicle after realizing the damage police had been causing to the car, a Toyota Land Cruiser Reg. Number UAN 661V. Besigye declined the offer.

A hole on Dr Besigye’s car that opposition say was caused by a bullet during the Rukungiri age limit consultation rally. Courtesy photo.




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