Crime rate shoots up in Gulu ahead of Christmas fete

Gulu District Police Commander Joseph Ayiki addresses journalists on Wednesday. Photo by David Okema.

GULU–Crime rate in Gulu district has tripled as festive season nears, police have revealed.
Police reports reveals that at least 10 cases of theft and burglary are registered daily compared to less than 4 cases in the past few months.

Gulu District Police Commander Joseph Ayiki said Wednesday morning that police have arrested eight suspected theives from a suburb of Labour Line in Pece division, Gulu municipality.

The youth aged between 18 and 23 were arrested through intelligent report to the police that the thugs were hiding behind Karuma hotel located in Pece.

The suspects were found in possession of over 50 bunches of keys, hummer, screw drivers, pair of scissor and a wrapped of marijuana in a black polythene bag.

Ayiki also noted that Gulu Central Police burnt two basins of marijuana confiscated from suspected criminals over the past few months in Bargede division in the areas of Kabedopong and Kanyagoga as well as Pece division.

Ayiki said Gulu police is faced by challenged of dealing with miscellaneous cases because the of the ongoing national strike by the State prosecutors who are protesting poor renumeration.

He added that some of the suspected criminals are taking advantage of the paralysed court situation to intensify their activities.

The DPC urged the public to be vigilant and take personal security seriously and report any uncertainty that may jeopardise peace during the Christmas celebration.

He also cautioned parents to be mindful of the safety of their children, especially the girl-child because defilers and rapist tend to increase during festivities.

He, however, said the Gulu police has heightens its operations both day and night to curb the situation.



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