New don takes Kampala by storm, dishes out money to city’s poor

New Kampala Don Bryan White. File photo.


Brian Kirumira, 33, aka Bryan White is the new Ugandan tycoon on the block. The new don comes to the scene just five months after the death of Don Ivan Semwanga, the self-styled president of the Rich Gang, a loose group of rich men, known for their philanthropist ways and lavish lifestyle.

Money to some people is so hard to get whereas to others it is too easy to find let alone give away.

This is true for Bryan White, a young lad who seems to have taken the position of Ivan Semwanga when it comes to dishing out cash to needy Ugandans and buying free drinks for Kampala revelers.

In a video that has gone viral, the multi tattooed tycoon is seen counting bundles of fifty thousand notes as he gives them to a lady who cannot stop thanking him.

Well, it looks staged but the guy apparently has loads of cash. One asks, is this genuine or we are under siege by a fraudster, is he another Ssebagala or Michael Ezera? Only time can tell.

Over the weekend, the young tycoon was cruising around Kampala with lots of bikes commonly known as bodabodas trailing his white convertible Lexus as he made his way to Wankulukuku stadium reportedly to give out cash to the youth as start-up capital.

When PML Daily asked what he does for a living, Bryan White says he deals in real estate and he is based in Italy. “We renovate old houses which we in turn put on the market and sell,” the jovial tycoon says.

The young tycoon is guarded by operatives who also carry his wallet full of money. The new don recently survived an attack by gunmen who stormed his residency but were overpowered by the guards and one of them (gunmen) was shot and he is nursing injuries as he waits for further legal action.



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