Kabale school suspends over 900 students over violent fight for a girl

Police deploy to foil a strike by Kigezi High School students recently. Kabale district has in the recent past been a scene of violent students strikes. Courtesy photo.

KABALE–Students of Kabale Secondary School were Friday engaged in a fist battle over a girl. The unfortunate incident has led to the suspension of more than 900 students.

Trouble started when a Senior Six student reportedly made advance on a girl dated by a Senior Four student.

The move infuriated the Senior Four student, who with the help of classmates confronted the Senior Six student. What followed was a bitter quarrel that later degenerated into exchange of blows.

What started as a fight between two people later magnified and turned into a fight between Senior Four and Senior Six students, as the rest of the students joined each according to their classes.

Riot police later intervened and used teargas and live bullets to disperse the rowdy students who had even exported the strike to the neighborhood and were destroying people’s property.

“We cannot allow this kind of impunity. Fighting and ransacking people’s homes belongs to the past and cannot be tolerated,” Kabale district deputy Internal Security Officer said.

He said they agreed with the administration that the students be sent home to avert further chaos.

But the Kabale Secondary School headteacher, Edwin Babimpa, said that sending the students home was a temporary measure aimed at restoring order. He said the school administration will liase with the school board of governors to a forge a way forward.

The suspension of students comes just days after 49 students of Kigezi High School also located in Kabale Municipality were expelled following a violent strike.

The students, among others, were demanding the transfer of their deputy headteacher Edison Bakiga who they accuse of indiscriminately caning them for no serious reason and failure by the school to procure a school truck which students had been contributing towards for the last five years.




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