Comedian Mariach, wife wear gloomy faces at own intro

Mariachi and fiance Lydia Mirembe during the introduction ceremony. Courtesy photo.

Comedian MC Mariachi’s longtime lover, Lydia Mirembe Bogere, on Thursday last week introduced him at her parent’s home in Kiyunga, Kamuli District.

Mariachi, real name, Charles Kasozi, was in the company of fellow comedian Alex Muhangi, who was the bestman.They looked smart in their matching tuxedos as other comedians that included Madrat and Chico and Full Stop, among others cheered them on.

Artistes like Evelyn Lagu, Cindy and Geosteady, Catherine Kusasira, attended. Spark TV’s Miles Rwamiti and Bukedde TV’s Flavia Namulidwa were also spotted enjoying the event that saw locals gather in large numbers. Mariachi and Lydia’s wedding is expected in February 2018 if all goes according to plan.

Mariachi and fiancee during their introduction in Kamuli.

The highlight of the function was the mood of Charles and Lydia that left many wondering if the two were up for the event. Like they say, pictures speak louder than words, there was something worryingly wrong about these pictures as Mariachi only smiled when he was with the boys as though rehearsing for their next comedy skits, but once the event commenced, you could easily tell that the man who is supposed to make others laugh was gloomy right before the parents of his dear wife.

Being the comedian he is, he wanted to be taken seriously, one could think, but then again, this is a function that calls for jubilation as Eddy Kenzo would politely put it, but from the pictorial evidence, Kasozi was on strike.

Another comedian, MC Kapale, did not attend the event and on being asked, he maintained that he was not invited so he could not just ‘crash land’. He also said quite a lot that could hint on probably why the couple was not happy, but that will be for another day.

Mariachi and fiancee during their introduction ceremony in Kamuli.

“You know introduction ceremonies are complicated, they might have asked for a lot of dowry now that he came with ”celebs” which unfortunately he cannot afford, you can’t expect a brother to smile in such a situation,” one comedian said.

This is proof that even comedians fail to laugh when things don’t go well and proof that; when you marry a comedian, it won’t necessarily be comedy all through. Mariachi’s failure to even fake a smile at such an event is what has baffled many and coming at the time when another comedian, Anne Kansiime’s marriage has hit the rocks just makes it worse.



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