Rema Namakula echoes out frustration to fans

Power couple Kenzo and Rema (BIG TALENT PHOTO)

After fans especially those on social media going after the dimplicious songstress for quite sometime on her dress-code, her size, and mostly pinning her for not getting married to baby daddy Edirisa Musuza aka Eddy Kenzo, Rema has come out bitterly telling off fans.

The mother of one used chance while having an interview at a certain radio stations and she asked for a break and a breather.

‘Stop trying to decide for Rema what to eat, how to raise her children, how to dress, if ‘ve not looked good in your eyes, please look elsewhere because at-least in someone else’s eyes, I’ve looked good.’ Rema said with great emphasis and bitterness.

She further stated that just as she puts out music and doesn’t force unto anyone, that’s the same way the public should let her be.

According to many fellow artistes, Rema has everything a man could want.

Rema also hinted on her relationship with Kenzo saying, ‘stop wanting to decide for me when or when not to sleep with my hubby, please give me a break,i need a break, a big break..’ the diva lamented with anger as it could be vividly seen from her facial expressions and gestures made.

Many people have attacked Rema on several occasions more so on social media saying she dresses sloppishly, a look that doesn’t match her youthful nature and also it being that she’s in a relationship with Kenzo who always sees sexy looking women dressed to kill, which could be tempting to him.

Two weeks ago some celebrities while on live television begged Kenzo to marry Rema which seemed to upset her.

Rema 27, is mother to Eddy Kenzo’s second daughter, Amaal Musuza and the two have a detached relationship, atleast from what we know.

She has just performed in Turkey last week where she left fans yearning for more.



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