MICHAEL WADADA: In trying to expose security operations, whose interest is Bobi Wine serving?

Bobi Wine share an insight with a prison guard at Luzira maximum prison. (PHOTO/Courtesy)

KAMPALA — For decades now, security and stability have been the major scores for Uganda, both for the citizens as well as foreigners. Citizens from all walks of life have had only good things to say about security in Uganda.

Gone are the days when businessmen worried about crossing Mabira Forest and either get killed or return with all their money and goods taken.

Meanwhile in the region, Uganda is known for being the centre of peace, a host country for refugees from neighbouring war-torn areas. Politicians, even in the Opposition have come out to say despite their displeasure with so many things happening in the country, at least they have assurance of returning to their homes and families safe and sound.

It is indisputable that President Museveni has enjoyed a lot of support from his voters as a result of this stability which he worked tirelessly for decades to achieve. It is also equally indisputable that for anyone to shake up this support they must touch where it hurts the most, create instability.

There have therefore been attempts by various actors to distabilise the country. In 2010, there were attempts by players in the Opposition to distabilise economic activity, especially in the heart of the country, Kampala.

Politicians started the infamous walk-to-work campaign which by all measures and standards was an attempt to ensure that businesses in the capital city come to a halt.

More recently, during the last election of 2016, Presidential candidate Kiiza Besigye tried to force his way into a premise used for security operations in Kampala. His excuse was that there was vote rigging going on in the premises. Of course he was blocked.

As if reading from the same script, Kyandondo East Member of Parliament Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine has for the last couple of months carefully and cunningly crafted a plot to enter premises around the country where security operations are carried out.

In his latest plot, he has dragged fellow unsuspecting MPs into the melee, forcing the hand of the committee on Human Rights to drive around town, apparently investigating what happens in the various premises.
Ofcourse this is most unlikely because like Security minister Elly Tumwiine told the same committee, the safe houses are set up for different security purposes and opening them to the MPs, who for some reason insist on coming along with cameras, will mean that all operations to secure the country and the citizens are exposed to whoever wants and has convinced (read sponsored) Bobi Wine to gain access to these premises.

Everywhere in this world, countries have secured places where operations are carried out to ensure safety. Take Langley in the US, the Pentagon and the White House, I do not think these places are opened to inspection in full view of whoever wants. This is not because there are no people that woud wish to see what happens there, but it is because the law makers are conscious of the operations that happen there and would like, for the safety of their countries to keep it that way.

That Bobi Wine’s antics are happening at a time when the country is under attack from the would-be ‘destabilizers’, killings are happening every where in the country and it is clear that the police force is at its weakest, it is quite obvious that the target is now to infiltrate the remaining security setups and once those are exposed then the country’s last shield is down.

Then the enemy will strike.
Should we be suspicious of Bobi Wine’s August meeting with two US politicians at the residence of the US Ambassador Deborah Malac?

Open your eyes oh Uganda, See the antics and maneuverers that the enemy is making to infiltrate, study and disorganize that which has kept this country in peace for the last so many years. We might disagree on politics, ideology and beliefs, but let us agree that we must keep Uganda safe.

For God and My Country.


Michael Wadada is Digital Financial Services Enthusiast, PR Practitioner and a concerned citizen



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