Open Letter to Jennifer Musisi

By Dr Innocent Nahabwe

Dear Jennifer Musisi, I am sorry for bothering you again. I write to apologise for being mad at how Kampala City Council Authority (KCCA) enforcement officers handle street children. I thought all along, they are innocent victims of fate.

Today, I got a shock of my life at the Jinja Road Traffic lights. A teenage-looking street kid with blood shot eyes, came to the car in the morning jam and asked for money…I gave him a Shs500 coin.

He asked me why I gave him Shs500. I shouted back and ordered him to go away. He was filled with rage and used the coin to scratch my car.

He then attempted to remove my side mirror, saying he will use it to buy something something to eat. I was lucky the lights went green at that moment and I sped off.

The police were looking on as this was happening. I am sure if it were KCCA enforcement officers, this criminal would not have bullied me like that and would have instead run for dear life.

Nankulu, please help clear these children off the streets. As they are left to grow on the street, It will be too late. We will be eaten alive.

Thank you. Meanwhile, We are waiting for the carnival. Just imagining which dress you will slay.



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