Unidentified man kills mobile money agent

    An unidentified man in Mukono slaughtered his girlfriend Ms. Rebecca Namuganyi a mobile money agent in Kapeke village, Mukono. (FILE PHOTO)

MUKONO – An unidentified man is said to have slaughtered his girlfriend Ms. Rebecca Namuganyi a mobile money agent in Kapeke village, Mbalala in Mukono district.

Ms. Norah Nakayita said that she had gone to buy airtime from Ms. Namuganyi but when she knocked on the door and there was no response.

“I had gone to buy airtime from Rebecca. I knocked on her door and there was no response. I then realized the door was not properly closed, I tried to get in and found things all over the floor. Rebecca was on her bed in a pool of blood.” She said.

“I called out to the neighbors who informed the Chairperson of what had happened.” She added.

The Chairperson of Kapeke Mr. Godfrey Nkumbi said that he was at home when he received a phone call about a mobile money agent being killed at her home where she does her business.

“I was at home and i received a phone call saying that a mobile money agent has been killed.”

“I called the police in Mbalala, then also rushed to the scene of the crime.” He added.

He also alleged that the deceased was murdered by her boyfriend.

Mr. Nkumbi said: “It is believed to be that Ms. Namuganyi was killed by her boyfriend because they spend the entire day together but he was not known to anybody in this area.”

“When it come today’s morning the girl was found dead on her bed, next to it were bottles of beer and chicken.” He added.

The police upon arrival at the scene of the crime, they sealed it off and started investigations and recording statements.

The police then confirmed that Ms. Namuganyi was definitely murdered by someone she knew basing on the evidence at the scene.

Ssp Samuel Musibiri, The in charge of all patrols in the country said that safety starts with you as an individual and asked them to try to know their neighbors.He said: “When I got here it took me quite some time to know who the deceased was. I found out that she had not introduced herself to the Chairperson of the area.”

He then advised the Chairperson and his committee to register new members in their community.

“I urge the Chairperson and your committee to always register new members in your community because we have heard the deceased had company and no one knows when he left. For now he is the one we are suspecting to have killed her.” He said.

He asked the residents to always report any law breakers in their community.

“In case there is any law breaking in the community, I ask that you always report or call the police.” He added.

According to Mr. Ronald Mubiru, the one who connected the deceased to the job said that Ms. Namuganyi called him yesterday to come and visit her but found the door lacked.

“Winne told me she is looking for someone to help her with her mobile money business two weeks ago. I called my friend the deceased’s father from who gave her to me.” He said.

“Ms. Namuganyi called me yesterday to come visit her but when I came I found the door closed and knocked but no one responded. So I came back today only to find she is dead.” He added.

He also revealed that the deceased is from Kisogu- Matale, in Buikwe district where she will be buried.

However, Winnie, the deceased’s boss declined to speak to the press.





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