Guvnor murder case: court convicts key suspect Kamyuka


Ivan Kamyuka foung guilty of killind a friend John Aimbisibwe. FILE PHOTO

KAMPALA – High Court judge Wilson Kwesiga has convicted Ivan Kamyuka after finding him guilty of unintentionally killing his colleague John Aimbisibwe aka Jonnie over a woman at Guvnor club in Kampala.

However the judge has  acquitted Kamyuka of murder and instead convicted him of manslaughter after establishing from the prosecution evidence adduced  that the deceased Ahimbisibwe attacked him(Kamyuka)  first and as well as provoked  his lover who is also the lady at the centre of contention ; Nima Nyarwaka.

Justice Kwesiga to acquit Kamyuka off the murder charge has considered his defence evidence and that of his lover Nyarwaka who testified that the deceased Ahimbisibwe was a violent man who had been even  deported from Sweden due to his violence nature .

Nyarwaka via an audio-visual link testified that she divorced Ahimbisibwe with whom they had a 7 year old son   in 2013 because of assault.

The high court Judge, Wilson Kwesiga convicts Ivan Kamyuka. FILE PHOTO

According to the evidence by the prosecution, justice Kwesiga noted that Ahimbisibwe attacked Kamyuka first, assaulted Nima by calling her a bitch and prostitute and smutched a glass infront of her which injured her fore face, lips, teeth and hands.

“With this kind of provocation, Kamyuka acted in self defence which any reasonable spouse would use any deadly force to repel an attack against his partner,” Justice Kwesiga said.

However Justice Kwesiga has faulted Kamyuka of using excessive force to repel the deceased yet mediators Including security and other dancers at the night club would protect him against his attacker.

Prosecution states that Kamyuka on August 2, 2015 murdered Jonnie at Guvnor Club on First Street in Industrial Area, Kampala.

The judge will pass his sentence at 2pm.





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