Bombshell! Man petitions doctors’ council, accuses Sebunya of ‘stealing’ vulnerable Rema from Kenzo

Dr. Ssebunya Hamza, Rema’s husband to be. (PHOTO/File)

KAMPALA – A man has petitioned the Registrar of the Allied Health Professionals Council, demanding action against Dr. Sebunya Hamza, whom they accuse of professional and ethical misconduct in the manner in which he started a relationship with Rema Namakula, an artiste.

About two weeks, it was confirmed that Namakula has left her marriage with fellow singer Edrisa Musuuza aka Eddy Kenzo, and is set to introduce Sebunya to her parents on November 14.

However, Mr. Sharif Sentongo Nambaale through his lawyers of Ms Nalukoola, Kakeeto Advocates and Solicitors, claims that Sebunya, who is said to have been Namakula’s gynecologist at Mulago hospital, took advantage of her and started a relationship.

“As a fervent believer in the rule of law, our client has drawn our attention to the fact that he has learnt through the press and social media that during the subsistence of MR. EDIRISA MUSUZA a.k.a EDDIE KENZO and MS REMA NAMAKULA’s relationship, the person who was a doctor to REMA NAM AKULA one DR. SEBUNYA HAMZA has contracted marriage with her which our client believes constitutes professional and ethical misconduct,” the letter dated September 11 reads in part.

“We have since advised our client that your body which is a creature of the statute has powers and mandate to inquire into and investigate the matter. Upon kind instructions of our client, we do hereby invite thy disciplinary committee to invoke its powers under Section 38 (1)(2) and (4) of the Allied Health Professional Act Cap. 268 of the laws of Uganda. Our client is available in case you and him for purposes of illuminations and availing more facts to enable you investigate the matter, take obligatory action which shall culminate into the most appropriate panacea as by law envisaged,” the letter adds.

The Allied Health Professionals Council is a body corporate established under the Allied Health Professionals Act Cap. 268 to regulate, supervise and control the training and practice of the Allied Health Professionals in Uganda. The Council was established to protect the public by maintaining up-to-date registers of registered and licensed professionals, private health units and recognized training institutions which are published in the Uganda gazette every year.

Singers Eddy Kenzo and Rema Namakula have at their daughter’s birthday ceremony (PHOTO/File)

It is not immediately clear why Mr Nambaale is interested in the matter between Rema and Sebunya given that Kenzo has already wished the best of luck to her former lover and prayed she finds happiness in her new marriage.

In the letter to Rema, Kenzo noted that he has always loved her so much, but its only God who knows why their relationship failed, because they both always wanted to have the best couple and the best life, but now he has to just let her go.

“Namakula! You know my secrets, like my land titles you have all of them, my car cards, my children and much more, am publically requesting that when you reach the time of leaving our Seguku home, please take everything you want. You know I am careless and travel a lot, my things will get lost, so please keep them for me until I trust someone else again.”

Presidential advisor on media Joseph Tamale Mirundi recently said the planned marriage between Namakula and Sebunya, a doctor at Mulago hospital, will fail, arguing that two do not match. “A doctor cannot marry a musician, they will also fail. He is just excited about marrying an artist just like the other man married Judith Babirye. Celebrities don’t marry,” he said while appearing on his One on One program on NBS TV on September 4.



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