Three arrested for blocking move to construct school gate in community path

One of the women throws herself in the road in protest of the arrest. (PHOTO/Namajja Elizabeth)

MUKONO- Police in Mukono has on Thursday, August 8, arrested three men protesting against the construction of a school gate saying it is blocking the path connecting to their homes.

The arrested, Mr Umaru Ssengendo, Mr Najib Ssepijja and Dr Hannington Muwaga residents of Nakabago in Mukono Central Division, Mukono District are accused of interrupting the construction of a gate at Fairland High School.

The trio together with other 5 who managed to escape uprooted the poles where the gate was to be attached saying that the path has been there for the last 40 years and it where they pass to access their homes.

It is said that Fairland High school purchased a piece of land across the school to expand the school and the administration was trying to enclose their entire school which happens to be a boarding school.

The path serves about 200 residents who are now affected with no alternative in place in place for them to access their homes.

Locals claim to sell land to the school owner sparing the pathway which has served the community for over forty years.

An old woman Ms Davis Zilawo who sold the land to the school says it [land] does not measure to include the contested path.

Police leaves the scene with the arrested men as the women continued to protest that move to construct a school gate in a community path. (PHOTO/Namajja Elizabeth)

Angry women were seen throwing themselves in the middle of the road lamenting the injustice against them by the school and the police.

Mr Muwaga one of the arrested people said that the matter about blocking the path by the school is still in court.

“ The matter about this path is still in court,” Muwanga said

“He is already putting the gate to block us from accessing our homes yet the court has not given us the final judgment.” He added

He said that the school should at least provide an alternative route before closing the current one.

Ms Catharine Namiiro wonders why the school is changing the gate from its original location to their path.

Ms Namiiro said: “ Originally that gate was at the opposite side of the school and now they are changing the location to our side yet the path is not part of the piece of land that was purchased.”

On contacting Mr Solomon Wakabi, the school director, declined to comment on the matter and also barred the school administrators from the same.

“I have nothing to say on that matter,” said Mr Wakabi as he retreated.

However, the Officer in Charge of Mukono Central Police Station, Masiko Kamomo said that the school has to be fenced as a way of ensuring the security of the students.

“It is true that the matter is still in court, however, we had given the school a go-ahead to put the gate because it is a boarding school and the students need to feel protected,” Mr Kamomo said.

“All those who have been arrested have been handed over to the lands office and are going to be charged,” Kamomo added



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