Nationwide: Calls for unity, peace dominate Eid al-Adha prayers countrywide

Muslems have called for unity, peace during Eid al-Adha prayers countrywide. (PHOTO/PML Daily)

NATIONWIDE – Calls for unity and avoidance of corruption dominated the messages in different mosques as Muslims around the country celebrated Eid al-Adha prayers on Sunday.

At Ghaddafi Mosque, Old Kampala, the Mufti of Uganda, Sheikh Shaban Ramadhan Mubajje, urged Muslims to unite against various forms of injustice in the country.

The Mufti added that Islam stands for peace, love and unity and condemned the robbery and killing of boda boda riders in Kampala and other parts of the country.

The Secretary of Uganda Muslim Supreme Council, Sheikj Juma Bakhit, urged Muslims to unite behind the council in order to foster the development of the Muslim fraternity and the nation.

Sheik Bakith said the council significantly grew over the last one year in critical sectors of the economy including education, health, governance and leadership. He says the leadership structure of the council and Muslims in Uganda in General has been highly strengthened with educated workmanship at its helm.

“We have our own Islamic university which we must all support for it to keep growing. We also have scholarships which you should take advantage of” he urged.

He offered prayers for Muslim brothers and sisters in areas of conflicts saying the World must work together to promote peace in those areas.

“America and Syria must stop the manufacturing of weapons of mass destruction with which they plan to destroy the world or shed innocent blood in order for the World to live in peace and harmony” he stated.

At Kibuli Mosque, Sheikh Lukman Wakinyankali, who led the prayers condemned the increased cases of murder in the country, saying that bloodshed is contrary to the Islamic teachings. He implored Muslims to celebrate IDD Aduha in line with the Islamic teachings. Prince Kassim Nakibinge and Electoral Commission commissioner Mustapha Ssebagala attended the prayers together with other Muslims.

Sheikh Yahaya Mwanje, who led Eid prayers at Nakivubo Blue PS in Kampala, appealed to Muslims to avoid corruption at all levels. He also asked Muslims to work hard, saying Islam is not for the weak and lazy believers.

In addition, Sheikh Mwanje has asked Muslims to take part in leadership, and use their titles and offices to depict true faith.

In Makindye, the mayor, Ali Mulyanyama, said Muslims should lobby for forgiveness and release of fellow Muslims detained in prison including Sheikh Jamilu Mukulu and Sheikh Yunus Kamoga.

He said former MP Kipoi was arrested and charged for treason but was released on bail, adding that he will not fear to plead for Muslim brothers since the government one time wanted to forgive LRA leader Joseph Kony.

Mulyanyama has asked Muslims to contribute money to help Muslims suffering in prison and widows who need help

In Rukungiri District, the Chairman of Kebisoni Town Mosque, Sowedi Munyefu, urged the Muslim Community to live faithfully according to calling and remain united and become productive.

“This is a day to reflect on our past lives, the promises we have made and fulfilled like Ibrahim did in his times but this can only be fully achieved if we remain united and economically productive ” He said.

In Tororo District, the district Kadhi, Sheik Ibrahim Asante Ragang, encouraged Muslims to participate in local and national politics which would enable them to advocate for the rights of Muslims.

Speaking at the main mosque in Tororo town, Sheikh Rarang condemned Muslims who fear taking up leadership positions or even supporting their Muslim colleagues who express interests to serve.

‘’Politics is a competition to serve but not to survive as some of the Uganda leaders have treated it. Therefore, I implore you to ensure that you compete for leadership positions to be able to influence policies that will support the growth of Islam,’’ he said.

He discouraged Muslim women from practicing witchcraft since the charms “they are given by witch doctors to solve family problems have ended up causing more problems in their homes.”

Ntungamo District Khadi, Sheikh Swaleh Kashangirwe asked Muslims to stop being greedy in order to be useful to their religion.

Preaching during prayers at Ntungamo District mosque, Shiekh Kashangirwe said many Muslims are going astray because they are greedy.

“We are increasingly becoming greedy. There is increased crime every day. We need to concentrate on what we can do best and stop looking for too much,” he said.

Sheikh Ibrahim Byomuhangi, while leading Eid Adha prayers at Kirigime Mosque, condemned the habit of Muslims enjoying the latest music trends, saying that music of late is introducing demons in different communities, which is the cause of many challenges.

He has also asked Muslims to truly obey Allah like our forefather Ibrahim did when he was about to sacrifice his son.

In Sironko, Woman MP Florence Nambozo urged the Muslims to use the occasion to pray for continued peace, stability, unity and understanding of one another in Uganda and the world at large.



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