We are not angry! Mabikke denies rift between DP bloc and People Power

Social Democratic Party (SDP) leader, Mr Mabikke Michael has downplayed disagreements in their working relations with the People Power Movement.(PHOTO/File)

KAMPALA – Mr Michael Mabikke, one of the leaders in the Democratic Party (DP) alliance, has downplayed disagreements in their working relations with the People Power Movement.

At the weekend, Dr Abed Bwanika, one of the leaders in the DP alliance, said that Bobi Wine rushed the process of naming People Power Movement leaders. Dr Bwanika revealed that Bobi Wine is not ‘the People Power’ and in this, he had no power to appoint its leaders.

But Mr Mabikke, whose Social Democratic Party (SDP) joined DP to join the new bloc, said there is no cause of concern and that they are still working together with People Power leader Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine.

“There’s no problem because we’ve been working together. The irony of it all is that we led these people to People Power through reunions and campaigns. This slight development that might be causing discomfort will be solved as we advance,” said Mr Mabikke.

“DP can never be angry. Majority of those present where from DP. We’re principle stakeholders of power in People Power. The issue of whether we’re on the list or not isn’t an issue, it also can’t end the special bond we have with Bobi Wine. He’s part of us, part of the DP political family. Whoever is trying to divorce Bobi Wine from DP is on a no brainer,” he added.

Last week, DP announced the formation of a strategy dubbed ‘Special Purpose Vehicle’ which they said will help propel them to power come 2021 and urged other political parties to join them.

Mr Mabikke said the unveiling of coordinators will not interfere with their special purpose vehicle.

“This wasn’t a cabinet list or one for ambassadors. It’s a list of workers. Why would we have a problem with someone naming his workers? Let’ focus on the issue that matters for the opposition,” he said on Monday while appearing on NBS TV.

“We will now need to sit as opposition to see whether we still keep People Power as the special purpose vehicle we intended to have or think otherwise. The elites in Uganda delay forward movement and any attempt to think that you can fast move forward and leave a critical section of political actors, the presidency will be a big dream. I strongly believe it’s time to build a consensus,” he added.

Butambala County MP Muwanga Kivumbi, who has been appointed as a coordinator under People Power, also urged all opposition political parties to work together if they want to cause regime change.

“I don’t think there’s a negative sentiment between DP and People Power. Uganda is ready for change, what is left is for us to agree to work together. When we disagree, we must find ways of discussing this. We can’t subject the future of our country to a conversation from one person. What ought to be done is to build confidence. Was will, however, kill what we’re building is any sign of disagreement. Working together doesn’t mean that we’re friends, it just means we’re heading the same direction,” he said.



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