REVEALED: UIA Board defies Museveni, blocks return of Kaguhangire as executive director

UIA Board of Directors, led by Chairman Mr. Emely Kugonza (L) have terminated the contracts of the previously suspended Executive Director Jolly Kaguhangire (R) defying President Museveni’s move to reappoint her. (FILE PHOTO)

KAMPALA – The board of Uganda Investment Authority (UIA) has terminated the contract of the executive director, Ms Jolly Kamugira Kaguhangire, despite President Museveni opposing the move.

Last month, this website reported that Mr Museveni had okayed the return to office of Ms Kaguhangire after the IGG cleared her of any wrongdoing in regard to allegations of corruption, insubordination, and incompetence.

But now it has emerged that the UIA board last month went ahead to sack Kaguhangire, arguing that what the IGG cleared her of is not what they had sacked for in November 2018.

“The former executive director’s contract was terminated according to the law and a new person was put in place to act in that capacity. Today, we have an acting director general according to the new law that came into force in February 2019. The recruitment process is on, the advert was sent out to Ugandans who are competent enough to apply and they will be subjected to a due process and an appropriate time, Ugandans will be informed who this other suitable Ugandan is.” said Mr Emily Kugonza, the UIA board chairman.

President Museveni moved for the re-appointment of the embattled ED Jolly K against the early suspension by UIA Board. (PHOTO/PPU)

He added that the recruitment process should be concluded by September for the new director-general in tandem with the new law which re-designated all government executive director positions to director generals in February this year. Mr Kugonza said Kaguhangire’s case has since been handed to the responsible government agency to recover funds she is accused of misappropriating.

“For us, as a board, we did our part – one we took the decision as a board, and we expect as people who believe in the rule of law to be respected,” he added.

In November 2018, UIA board sacked Ms. Kaguhangire on allegations of corruption, insubordination, and incompetence. However, in May this year, the Inspector General of Government cleared her of wrongdoing

After the IGG report, Ms Kaguhangire recently sought an audience with President Museveni where she claimed that her acrimonious exit last year was engineered by mafias at UIA. Sources intimated to this website that she told the President that some senior UIA staff and board members fought her when she began exposing their corrupt tendencies.

A delegation of members of the Born Again faith, where Ms Kaguhangire belongs, is also said to have met the President and convinced him that she is innocent.

Mr Museveni is then said to have sought the opinion of the IGG on the matter after which he ordered Finance minister Matia Kasaija to reinstate Ms Kaguhangire.

However, Ms Kaguhangire’s return was bound to be met by hurdles after new UIA board members vowed to fight her.

In April, Investment minister inaugurated a new UIA board chaired by Mr. Kugonza.

The board members are Mr. Fred Opolot, Mr Morrison Rwakakamba, Mr Joshua Mutambi, Mr. Godfrey Byamukama Kerere, Ms. Ombombasa Naima and Ms Getrude Kutesa Lutaaya.

The membership of UIA board was reduced from 13 to seven in line with the Investment Code in order to ensure efficiency and cut costs.



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