Police name other bodaboda victims killed by robbery gang

The two unidentified thugs embark on the gruesome murder of Mr Derrick Muwonge, a boda boda cyclist from Nabweru South zone, who was killed in Lubaga Division before making off with his motorcycle. (PHOTO/CCTV)

KAMPALA – Police have identified five other victims of the Kabadia criminal gang whose two members were captured on CCTV footage on June 30 while taking part in the gruesome murder of Mr Derrick Muwonge, a boda boda cyclist from Nabweru South zone, who was killed in Lubaga Division.

Last week, Policy in Katwe arrested John Bosco Mugisha alias Mukiga who allegedly hit Mr Muwonge with a claw hammer, killing him instantly. Police later arrested his alleged accomplice Young Mulo who strangled Muwonge.

The duo allegedly murdered Mr Muwonge in Kakeka in Mengo and stole his motorcycle Reg. No. UER 179M.

Police spokesperson, Mr Fred Enanga said the gang was responsible for killing other motorcycle riders: Damiano Sekalala on April 24 in Makindye; Abdullah Nsubuga on January 21 in Kizungu in Makindye; Godfrey Nkata was killed on June 3; Emmanuel Gatete killed on March 13 near St Agnes school along Salaama Road, Makindye and Tom Wamala who was killed on June 2. There was unidentified motorcycle rider who was killed on May 29 in Kanisa zone. The gang has also allegedly confessed to killing at least five motorcycle riders in Old Kampala and robbing them of motorcycles. Two of these was Issa Gidudu murdered on April 1 next the nursery school in Lubaga division where they also later murdered Derrick Muwonge on June 29.

During last week’s operation, Police arrested other members of the Kabadia gang. The suspects included Mr Magidu Bandiho, Umar Senyonga and Bob Mubaare who are currently detained at Katwe police station. Young Mulo is detained at Kirekka Special Investigations Bureau. Mr Mulo was initially reported to have been killed by a mob in Mubarak Zone in Makindye but he was later discovered alive and re-arrested. However, he had suffered a broken hand during the mob action against him.

On Sunday the suspects were driven under tight security to various places to reconstruct the scenes of crime where they allegedly killed their victims.

Sources reiterated that police in Katwe had recovered another CCTV camera footage where Mukiga and another are seen killing a boda boda rider in Kizungu zone, Makindye Division.

While addressing the press at police headquarters yesterday, Mr Enanga said Young Mulo alias Aloysius Tamale was also linked to the murder of another bodaboda rider in Old Kampala after his fingerprints were found on Mr Muwonge’s helmet. He said Mulo’s fingerprints were found in both incidents.

“We are sure we have the right suspects,” Mr Enanga said.

He said police also arrested Mr Robert Kawooya who rode Mulo after Muwonge’s murder in Lubaga and Viola Nakanjako, his sister who was found dressing Mulo’s wounds at a witchdoctor’s shrine where he had hidden to escape arrest last week. Police also arrested the witchdoctor Dan Yiga, at whose shrine Mulo was arrested, and Ali Lwetutte, the witchdoctor’s assistant.

Since July 1, police have been carrying out an operation to net killers of boda boda riders and have recovered 70 stolen motorcycles which had been dismantled.

Another 45 motorcycles were recovered and police have invited the owners to identify them.

In some instances, police recovered only a number plates and are all being kept at Katwe police station. Police explained that the criminals usually sell motorcycles between Shs500,000 and Shs700,000.



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