Mbarara Hospital earmarks UGX 1.2b for wall fence construction to deter theft of drugs

Prof Iraka Owange, the chairman board Mbarara hospital officiating the groundbreaking. (PHOTO/AINE)

MBARARA – Free entry and exit coupled with rampant theft of drugs at Mbarara Regional Referral Hospital has been a major challenge that the sanatorium has been facing for several years.

In a bid to curtail this recurring vice, the hospital’s management has earmarked UGX 1.2 billion to construct a state-of-the-art perimeter wall fence.

The projected fortress will be custom fitted with limited-entry gates that will be installed with body scanners and CCTV cameras to enable close monitoring of all activities within the hospital’s premises.

Dr. Celestine Barigye the Hospital Director revealed this during the groundbreaking ceremony to give a green light to start the construction works on Monday, July 8, 2019.

He noted that the hospital has been facing a problem of lack of a perimeter wall fencing whereby people having been coming in and entering the hospital without being subjected to a thorough checkpoint even when they are moving out.

Adding that even some have been entering with sinister motives of stealing patients properties, sneak out government drugs due to very many exits which are not monitored.

“But today I must say all that will be no more because we have already secured money from the ministry of finance to put up the wall, of course some things have disappeared I must be honest with you like metallic manhole covers, the other day we arrested a man who had stolen a fire extinguisher, so some of these petty thieves are there and we want to get rid of them” Said Dr. Barigye.

“When you come to us doctors who work here, we also need to be checked even our cars whenever we are entering and moving out so that the issue of stealing drugs from the hospital is addressed, we shall liaise with the office of the RDC to ensure that we have credible security company that will man our hospital.”Added Dr. Barigye.

Dr. Barigye further noted that they will again follow the presidential directive of installing CCTV cameras along the wall and body scanners on the main gates to ensure whoever enter and leaves the hospital is monitored.

He added that this work is going to take one year, “come July next year this wall be completed and it’s going to be constructed by MUPA Technical services limited.

He sounded a warning to the contractor not to do shoddy work. “At Mbarara regional referral hospital we don’t entertain shoddy work, it has to be by specifications and that the hospital will put its technical team who will do supervisory role through site meetings to ensure quality is adhered.”

Prof. Iraka Owange the chairman board for Mbarara regional hospital also echoed the same that they are aiming at protecting what is inside.

“We don’t want the government to provide some many drugs and before you know some clever person comes and picks what he did not labour for, not only drugs but also people’s lives and patients.

Dr Barigye further added that they will not allow any hospital worker to reside inside the facility.

“In a bid to ease monitoring all doctors’ accommodation will be enclosed outside the perimeter fence so that all workers are subjected to thorough security check whenever entering and leaving the facility.” Dr Barigye asserted.



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