Be patriotic about your country! Iranian Ambassador urges Ugandan filmmakers

Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran Uganda, Mr Muhammed Reza Ghezesofla, rallied for patriotism in film theatre and art. (PHOTO/David Okema)

GULU – The Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran Uganda, Mr Muhammed Reza Ghezesofla has called upon Ugandan filmmakers to promote patriotism while acting film.

The cultural consular of the embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Uganda made the statement while he was speaking to the filmmaker at TAKS centre in Gulu during the 3rd edition of Gulu international film festival event which ended last weekend.

The diplomat emphasized that film has the power to create patriotism, enhance the love for one’s country and help in flourishing talents.

“Through film you need to promote patriotism so that other people are able to love Uganda and through such love, you will be able to do something for your country because you will try to sweat, educate and prove yourselves a sense of belonging other than loving by words of mouth,” Mr Muhammad Reza Ghezelsofla said.

He emphasizes that for film to make meaning to the local audience, filmmakers with flourishing talents should beware of the using characters that send negative information which is capable of causing social pain especially to the community going through psychosocial recovery.

“Observe some of the characters of the film so that it should bring comprehensive human development and additional positive changes in term of solidarity, sympathy and unity instead of trying to increase social pain in the society” he reiterated.

The filmmakers received specialised training at the festival. (PHOTO/David Okema)

The three days festival was also dignified by the Leader of Opposition in Parliament and Gulu district Woman MP, Betty Aol Ocan. Mrs Betty Ocan. She urged upcoming filmmakers to emphasize on localizing the content of their film to make meaning to the local audience.

She says too much use of computerized fictions make it hard for many audiences to analyze the messages being passed and thus render the film meaningless to those that don’t understand it.

The LoP noted that government through its budget allocation usually do not prioritize sectors such as arts, and tourism yet the sectors raises so many foreign revenues to the country. She pledged to lobby for support toward the yearly event.

During the three days event that witnessed exciting attendance, had 10 selected local film producers trained by renowned film director Dilman Dila to improve on their skills to enhance better production.

Gulu Municipality MP, Hon. Lyandro Komakech shares some insights with the filmmakers. (PHOTO/David Okema)

However, Gulu Municipality MP Lyandro Komakech who also paid courtesy to the event organizers promised to acquire state of the art equipment as support toward the innovation of the young talented team of United Youth Entertainment.

One of the fans, Christine Akello Lutara, a resident of Gulu town eulogized the participants in the 3rd edition festival arguing that film provides a new dimension to the use, expression and consumption of art.

She believed the innovation shows aspect of recovery and healing of the society in Northern Uganda from the painful history of LRA war.

“I am happy because when you begin to see people come out to begin telling their stories through film, it shows that the society is recovery from the past history of LRA war and deserved full support from all sector” Mrs Akello stated.

This year’s edition awarded Shame of puberty by NUHOOD films as best local film, Captain Kinesis as best international film, Extra time by Saviour Kizito as best national (feature), Sunday by Angella Emurwon as best national (short film) and Laketoo by Dilstories as the best student film.



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