Despite high taxes and unfair economic policies, Ugandans have supported People Power – Bobi Wine

Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu, the Kyadondo East Member of Parliament speaking at the function where he unveiled the People Power team. (PHOTO/Courtesy)

KAMPALA- The Kyadondo East Member of Parliament Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu has on Wednesday, July 24, appreciated Ugandans for supporting his pressure group, People Power despite the numerous challenges within the country.

While unveiling a team that will coordinate People Power activities ahead of the 2021 General elections, Hon Kyagulanyi noted that Ugandans have been working with People Power ever since it was founded.

“I also appreciate you all, people of Uganda, for your labours and sacrifices- for your hard work and resilience, in all corners of our country. Despite the high taxes, unfair economic policies and massive corruption, you have continued to work hard, day and night to build yourselves, your communities and ultimately our country Uganda,” Bobi Wine said.

The MP also appreciated the nation for the massive reception of the message from People Power for the past two years.

“I want to thank you all – dear compatriots, in all parts of our country for the positive reception you gave to our message from the time we set out. There are a few times in political history anywhere in the world, where movements such as ours gained ground in a society such as ours in a very short time. Indeed, when you go to any part of this country, whether urban or rural, you will find young men and young women asserting that people power is our power,” he revealed.

“You will find those who are educated and those who are not well educated rejecting intimidation and lies, and holding onto this timeless truth- that returning power back to the people of Uganda is the way forward for our country.” He added.

The Presidential aspirant added that even if you go to the North, South, East and the Central parts of this country, you will find old men and old women in their houses and work places singing ‘olutalo nga luwedde, tuliyambala engule.’

“From Karamoja to Kisoro, from Arua to Kapchorwa- the citizens are ready to work for and build a new Uganda,” he added.

He said that People Power did not set out as experts or even as experienced politicians but set out as ordinary citizens, driven by deep love for the country.

“As men and women not motivated by material gain but by a deep conviction that our country deserves better. We set out to tell the nation that people power is stronger than the people in power even when the people in power are determined to bring out gun power. And yes, we set out to make it clear that we were determined to not just be spectators as President Museveni and his cronies continue to loot our country- but to also make our contribution in redeeming our nation from the deep mayhem they have sunk it in.” Hon Kyagulanyi noted.

Bobi Wine applauded the Ugandans for receiving and embracing his political message.

“From the boda boda stages and taxi parks, to salons and markets, to schools and hospitals, churches and mosques- the People Power message has permeated our country in ways we had not anticipated. Yes we did not anticipate the quick reception, but we were never surprised because friends, what we say is the truth and the truth cannot be suppressed. Our message has been consistent – a message our bleeding nation needed to hear,” Bobi Wine applauded.

He noted that some people thought the group would quickly disappear but the people of Uganda have been there to prove those tried to dismiss the message wrong.

Bobi Wine said that President Museveni and his praise singers dismissed them as inconsequential.

“And so when opportunity availed itself in Jinja, and Rukungiri, and Bugiri, and Arua, the people spoke in ways that neither bullets nor money could silence. President Museveni and his spin masters were utterly exposed and indeed naked. Neither bribes nor bullets could silence a people yearning for change. They spoke resoundingly and told President Museveni in bold letters that this is their time to decide the destiny of their country” he continued.

He added saying that “It was not surprising that like a leopard when surrounded and in great danger, President Museveni resorted to extreme levels of violence by which he clearly intended to wipe us off the face of the earth! It was under this context that Yasin Kawuma took a bullet for me and many of our brothers and sisters were tortured to near death. But we serve a living God. The God of ages enabled some of us to live to tell the story.”

Hon. Kyagulanyi said that after the incident, President Museveni and his regime decided to illegally stop by-elections across the country. They decided to murder, maim and arrest countless People Power supporters countrywide.

“But the people have pressed on! I salute the countless young women and men who despite the regime criminalising the red beret have continued to wear it- boldly pushing back against intimidation and in that way saying that this is our country” he added.

Hon Kyagulanyi said the regime was afraid of the influence of his message of redemption and have resorted to blocking his music shows making it illegal for him to even attend church services across the country.

“The reason why we gather here at my home today in Magere, and not at one of the numerous hotels in Kampala, is because each of the hotels we booked for this event was ordered not to host us. Even when we booked and made payments, they were told that they could not host a People Power event!” he narrated.



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