Bugingo ranting: MPs blast Govt on double standards

Pastor Aloysius Bugingo and wife Teddy Naluswa. (PHOTO/File)

KAMPALA – A section of MPs have lashed out at government accusing it of double standards. This was in relation to the way police handled the matter of scandal which plagued city preacher, Aloysius Bugiingo when he used his church’s pulpit to disgrace his wife.

The MPs said that after reports the controversial preacher simply received a warning.

Taking to the floor during today’s plenary sitting, Kampala Woman MP, Nabillah Nagayi asked Government to reprimand the humiliated preacher for using his church, radio and Television stations to disrespect his wife.

“He has made statements in his church shaming and disparaging his wife of 29 years and mother of his children. Whereas there is freedom of worship, the practice of religion in this country has become problematic. We have watched the insulting words the same individual has been spewing out. In his own words, he said the woman who has made him suffer for lack of sex for ten years, that he spent money buying cotton that such a woman isn’t worth to be married.” Hon Nabillah remarked. The

Kampala Woman MP said that Bugiingo’s remarks left many mothers in the country shocked. The legislator also noted that Bugiingo’s deplorable comments have hampered the fight against stigma that fistula patients suffer from.

She further recommended that this moment should be used to start a debate on the conduct of religious people across the country.

“No person should be condemned because of an illness. The future of our society and moral fabric is under threat. The fight against fistula and stigma as an illness of shame, an illness that doesn’t uphold the bearer as an honourable member of society has been dealt a blow,” said Hon Nabillah.

Hon Chris Baryomunsi, State Minister for Housing, described Bugiingo’s remarks as irresponsible saying no woman should be condemned because of an ailment since fistula is a condition some women suffer as a result of their maternal responsibilities.

“It is wrong for anybody to condemn a woman simply because she has that kind of condition irrespective of the differences one could have with his spouse. I, therefore, want to join you to condemn that kind of irresponsible talk especially if it borders on abusing women,” said the Minister.

Speaking on behalf of the Minister of Information, Baryomunsi said that Government took note of the offensive communication uttered by the said pastor and Uganda Communications Commission had written to the controversial preacher.

“UCC that regulates the media took note of it and it has since written to Bugingo warning him that his utterances offend the existing laws and directed him not to offensively communicate again and UCC has recovered the footage and it’s being studied. If UCC confirms the minimum broadcasting standards were flouted and  that they offended the minimum broadcasting standards within the law, then appropriate action will be taken.” He said.

However, his statement was rubbished by Kira Municipality’s Ibrahim Ssemujju who asked the broadcasting standards UCC was relying on to simply warn Bugiingo of offensive communication yet another city preacher, Joseph Kabuleeta was accused of offensive communication and instead kidnapped by security operatives and released four days later.

“The clarification I am seeking is whether as a government you have the same standard. Joseph Kabuleeta has been in jail for four days for offensive communication, in fact, released without a charge. For this one, you are only warning him to stop offensive communication. The clarification I am seeking is whether as Government you have minimum broadcasting standards or you are behaving like subsistence farmers as they deem things as they happen.” Ssemujju argued.

Hon Baryomunsi replied that the standards government is following were set by Parliament and clarified that Government is aware of the provision for freedom of worship and this has led to the concern of commercial evangelism that has seen religions and faith-based organisations infringe on the rights of the worshipers.



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