Tororo passes out 1611 student patriots

Students patriots at the parade during the pass out ceremony at King George Memorial stadium in Tororo municipality where female students merged majority. (PHOTO/Joseph Omollo)

TORORO – Over 1600 students from the 14 secondary schools in Tororo district were on Friday passed out after undergoing a one-week intensive training on patriotism.

This brings to about 3800, the number of students so far have undergone patriotism training in the district since the district rolled out the concept to schools early this year.

The latest group was passed out in April 2019 at St. Peter’s College Tororo where a total of over 1400 students were passed out in a ceremony graced by the resident district commissioner Nickson Owole.

During the fourth joint patriotism pass out ceremony held at King George Memorial stadium, the Deputy resident district commissioner Yahaya Were said the training is part of an initiative that the security committee of the taking has thought of to help schools instil discipline among the learners as well as driving them to develop love for the state and the environment they live in.

He said patriotism is one way of trying to shape a person to be a good citizen and that that person must liberate him/herself from that prison where he or she thinks one can just live on handouts.

Student patriots match during the pass out ceremony at King George memoria stadium Tororo. (PHOTO/Omollo)

The RDC said whereas the government provided security but poverty has still remained a silent enemy which should be fought.

“This training is very beneficial and I pray that if all Ugandans can get it, I think it can make a very big difference and it’s on this background that I direct all schools to embrace the concept.” Mr. Were said.

Meanwhile, the deputy commissioner national secretariat for patriotism Corps Mr. Mubaraka Magomu thanked the schools for embracing introducing the learners to the patriotism ideology which he said is the way to fighting cases indiscipline such as strikes theft and vandalism of school properties.

He said there is evidence that patriots are the most active in schools where the ideology is conducted and therefore its very risky for any nation to ignore issues of national consciousness.

Magomu urged the trainees to remain vigilant with zeal and enthusiasm and continue where they will be and while still in their respective schools.

Patriotism tutor commands a parade during a pass out of 1611 students patriots at King George Memorial Stadium in Tororo Municipality. (PHOTO/Joseph Omollo)

He added that as a secretariat they are in the process of rolling out the concept to cover all primary schools.

Luke Emurion, the coordinator patriotism activities in the district said the 1611 students passed out went through many topics, ranging from introduction to patriotism and leadership skills, vision 2020, savings culture, HIV/AIDS and issues of the environment.

“After the training, we have confidence that the students will implement what is expected of them as per the ideology of patriotism,” he said.

Mr. Lyadda Apollo the head teacher of Rock High School said Uganda lacks people who love and are willing to serve their country devotedly with all their energy and strength.



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