Stop rewarding crammers! Buganda Katikiro advises Universities, Schools

The Katikkiro of Buganda Owek. Charles Peter Mayiga making remarks during the open day at UCU Mukono premises. (PHOTO/Namajja Elizabeth)

MUKONO – The Katikkiro (Prime Minister) of Buganda Kingdom, Charles Peter Mayiga has urged leaders of academic institutions to stop the habit of rewarding “the best crammers.”

The Katikkiro made these remarks on Friday, June 21, during the 8th Annual Open day that was held under the theme,

“The Future of Higher Education in Uganda: The Growing Influence of Digital Technologies and Emerging Media.” The Kingdom’s Premier was the keynote speaker at the event.

“The system of awarding marks to those who are the best crammers is over. The system that praises only those who succeed is over.” The Katikkiro affirmed in his address.

“We need to create a culture that enables our young people to try something new, and if they fail, they fail, they try again and again.” He added.

The Katikkiro also asked the academic institutions to teach students how to think beyond the usual.

“Students must be taught to think beyond the usual and beyond the norms, so as to be able to solve the challenges of our time and to get the frame of mind that can imagine a future powered by these changing technologies,” Katikkiro said.

An open day is an annual event where Uganda Christian University (UCU) opens its gates to students of various schools across the country to inform them about what happens within the institution and what services they offer.

This is usually conducted by the different University departments that exhibit their innovations. The best department is given an award.

The event also showcases performances from various schools.

This year, the Department of Engineering and Environment was announced the best exhibitor.

Katikkiro of Buganda, Owek Peter Charles Mayiga, handing over the certificate to Paul Ssenyonga who won the award of best Essay writer in the John Senyonyi Scholarly Challenge as the Vice Chancellor Rev. Can. Dr. John Senyonyi looks on. (PHOTO/Namajja Elizabeth)

The Katikkiro urged institutions of higher learning to look out for new ideas and to create an enabling environment that allows students to be innovative.

“Institutions of higher learning need to be on a constant lookout for ideas and create an environment that allows students to try something new.” He advised.

Further interjecting, that even when technology is the best thing that has ever happened to the world it comes with its challenges.

“The internet brings a lot of opportunities but it also comes with its challenges.” The Katikkiro noted.

He acknowledged that the internet is disrupting every single sector, which will affect work the way we know it. For instance, he pointed out new innovations like artificial intelligence and augmented reality. He added.

He then questioned institutions of learning to prepare students to the technical realities as they adopt them.

The Vice-Chancellor of UCU Rev. Can. Dr. John Senyonyi said that they open their gates to students, parents on such a day to inform them of their existence.

“It’s our responsibility to let potential students and parents know that we do exist. So many people don’t know what is going on inside here.” Dr. Senyonyi noted.

“We want to show the students how to use technology in school.” He added.

Contrary to most people, Dr. Senyonyi does not believe that technology will replace certain jobs but rather believes that tech advancements will only make people work more efficiently.

“When you understand how to use technology, it will help you work more efficiently.” He advised.

The VC also advised the Advanced Level students to apply as soon as their S6 results are out to avoid any disappointments.

He noted that most A-level students tend to opt for UCU as a last resort to their detriment.

“The moment the results come out submit your applications as fast as possible. Dr. Senyonyi advised.

During the same event, the Katikkiro also launched the John Senyonyi Scholarly challenge that promotes debates and writing essays about the day’s theme.

This year’s winner was Mr. Paul Ssenyonga the President of UCU’s Nkoba Zambogo club who won in the essay category.



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