My life is in danger, says Justice Kanyeihamba

Justice George W. Kanyeihamba has expressed worries that his life is in danger. (PHOTO/File)

KAMPALA – Prof. George  Kanyeihamba, the retired Supreme Court Judge, has said that his life is in danger because of constantly criticising government.

In a statement released through a law firm of Kiiza & Mugisha Advocates, Justice Kanyeihamba said a UPDF General in Uganda tipped him on Friday that he was a few minutes from arrest. “The reason for his arrest, according to the General was that Prof. Dr. G. W. Kanyeihamba continues to tarnish government image through his publications,” the statement reads in part.

The statement adds that the condition outlined  by the General for Prof Kanyeihamba’s freedom is for him to immediately stop all a anti government publications or writings especially those that tell Ugandans that President Museveni always loses elections and his opponents always win; and comparing Museveni with ousted leaders like Gaddafi, Ben Ali of Tunisia, Mubarak of Egypt and their ilk who had a talent for manufacturing consent, popularity and electoral victories only to exposed by revolutions led by the very masses they used oppress and dupe.

“The General’s warning came after Uganda Police Force body guards had unceremoniously withdrawn from his residence. Interesting,” the statement adds.

Prof Kanyeihamba also said  the police management has also not been paying his police guards all their legal entitlements in accordance with our client’s written advice.

Prof. Kanyeihamba said he responded to the tip off by trying to seek sanctuary at Namirembe C. O. U headquarters but the church leadership didn’t welcome him.

“Ultimately, our client ran to Bulange, Mengo, where he was properly received and given directions to the palace where the Kabaka was,” he added.

Prof Kanyeihamba said he shared his security fears with the Kabaka of Buganda, his personal friend, who has since given him security.

“Prof. Dr. G. W. Kanyeihamba will not compromise his freedom regardless of the intensity of intimidation from some high level government officials and Generals that the one who alerted him said he was speaking for.”

Police early this month rushed to the residence of Retired Supreme Court Justice, George William Kanyeihamba in Buziga, Kampala, amid reports that he had been held hostage by his guard.

However, it was later discovered that this was a false alarm from the retired judge.

Justice Kanyeihamba had reportedly called police,  indicating that one of his police guards, Collins Magololo, had earlier refused to hand in his gun while going for his grand father’s burial, and that is what caused a scuffle at the house.

But police discovered that this was not the case and the judge was only blowing the situation out of control because the police officer refused to hand over the gun to the judge, insisting that he would hand it over to his superiors.

Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson Patrick Onyango described the incident as not worth reporting about.

Justice Kanyeihamba is not new to controversy. About two years ago, he confronted traffic officers who tried to arrest his driver over a traffic offense near Kubili roundabout on the wandegeya-Bwaise road.

The retired judge is known for speaking his mind and has often spoken against the excesses of the ruling government.



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