Former Mbabazi bodyguard threatens war against Museveni over rampant corruption

Former security aides to ex-Premier Amama Mbabazi, Aine Christopher (in striped red Polo t-shirt) has gone bare-knuckles on President Museveni slapping him with a 15-day ultimatum  to fix rampant corruption and other management weaknesses or else he will cause trouble. (PHOTO/File)

KAMPALA – The former bodyguard to Amama Mbabazi, Christopher Aine, has given President Museveni 15 days to fix rampant corruption and other management weaknesses or else he will cause trouble.

In a video-recorded message released Saturday afternoon, Aine, who calls himself the National Coordinator for “Rise for Peace Africa,” a pressure group, accuses Mr Museveni of superintending over impunity.

He begins his message with reference to the President’s State of the Nation address, which he says falls short of expectations.

He appreciates a few good things Museveni has done including growing tourism, the water and road infrastructure but says these aren’t enough.

He says corruption has become endemic and demands real tough action including confiscating property of the corrupt. That efforts like Afande Nakalema’s can’t create any hope anymore in the populace he purports to speak for.

Former Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi heavily guarded with blue-eyed boys in the leadership of security Aides, Aine Christopher (in shades) in the 2016 presidential campaigns. (PHOTO/File)

Aine also speaks about Mafiarism and wonders why it’s what everybody powerlessly talks about without the head of state doing anything. He claims many of the wrongdoers are well known and untouchable because they are connected to the President and his brother Gen Salim Saleh.

He says Ugandans can’t continue looking on when Mafia group members go on killing and grabbing public land and forests without facing any consequences. He cites the Kwagalana Group some of whose members he says are known mafias. He says members of his pressure group know these people very well and what they own. He says time has come for Ugandans to act since their government has let them down.

Aine says his group members are going to commence certain actions (to the detriment of Museveni and his govt) should their grievances remain unaddressed within the next 15 days.

Aine, who has been into some oblivion for close to 5 years now, was a big actor in the 2016 campaigns as he headed Mbabazi’s security detail.

Aine became conspicuous on the day JPAM campaigned in Ntungamo Town where Aine commanded the thumping of President Museveni’s supporters who were trying to disrupt his boss JPAM’s procession as the candidate left the rally. The video of wailing Museveni supporters caused many to laugh at the NRM prompting Museveni to call a news conference where he furiously vowed to teach Aine a lesson he would never forget.

It was at that press conference that Museveni made the famous remark of “poking the leopard’s a**s.” He said by beating NRM supporters, even in self-defence, Aine had poked the leopard’s **** and as CiC Museveni bragged he had capabilities to make Aine regret his actions.

In the days that followed the Museveni pronouncement, Aine went missing and leading Kampala political/security analyst Charles Rwomushana subsequently posted images he claimed was the body of Aine. Long after the campaign storm had settled, Aine unexpected resurfaced in a video that went viral of social media. He was speaking as Gen Salim Saleh stood next to him and that created the impression he was finally in things.

He indeed thanked the President’s brother for being large-hearted. He repented his political sins and promised to work with the NRM government to address the grievances of the common people. He seemed to have lots of hope that things would be better and he created the impression that Museveni and Saleh weren’t bad people but those around them. He subsequently gave media interviews to especially NTV.

It later emerged he was staying at a top city hotel where Saleh is a regular. As IGP, Gen Kayihura (who had previously staked Shs20m for whoever produces Aine) showed bitterness and vowed to storm the city hotel and forcefully drag Aine out. To him, Aine was a fugitive criminal who had maimed senior police officers leaving some of them crippled during the JPAM fracas in Jinja.

Kayihura said all these made Aine culpable to stand criminal trial under the Penal Code Act. The country anxiously waited to see Kayihura dare have a confrontation with the President’s brother. In the end, the General from Kisoro ate a humble pie and grumblingly fell silent. Aine too gradually became silent and has since that time been only active on social media and many thought he had been rehabilitated into a diehard Museveni supporter.



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