Bunyoro Kingdom celebrates 25 years of Omukama Iguru’s reign

Omukama Dr. Solomon Gafabusa Iguru l spends 25 years on the throne. (PHOTO/File)

HOIMA – Today marks 25 years – a quarter century – since the Omukama Dr. Solomon Gafabusa Iguru l was enthroned in 1994 on June 11, as the cultural King of Bunyoro following the restoration of tribal kingdoms by the NRM government.

As an annual tradition, celebrations are organized by the kingdom every year as a way of commemorating the day that their King was crowned.

It is during these yearly celebrations that the Kingdom reveals what has been achieved throughout his reign. Here are some of the achievements of Omukama Iguru in these 25 years of Bunyoro’s silver jubilee.


According to Bunyoro Prime Minister – Andrew Byakutaaga, The Omukama has achieved a lot during the past 25 years on the throne.

These achievements have been registered in areas of education, health, culture, unity among stakeholders and promotion of legal marriages among others.

Iguru has managed to unite his subjects from various districts in Bunyoro kingdom such as Buliisa, Hoima, Kibaale, Kiryandongo and Masindi Districts.

Clan Re-organization, Revitalisation and Empowerment

Omukama Iguru has been credited for bringing together clansmen and communities hence harmonizing them through socio-economical resources, to assemble and tap cultural ethics and norms to halt moral decay and enhance better standards of living.

Iguru’s silver jubilee has also led to the promotion of a good working relationship with the central government.

The King has worked harmoniously with the NRM government to see that several projects are established within Bunyoro region.

HIV/AIDS project

With the worsening HIV/AIDS prevalence rate in the Kingdom, the Omukama has been able to publically speak about HIV/Aids –a deadly epidemic which is a threat to the Kingdom. To mitigate this situation, the Kingdom has decided to adopt a mobile Voluntary Counseling and Testing (VCT) in various Bunyoro districts and sub counties.

The project has comprehensively provided prevention, care, and treatment.

Rehabilitation of kingdom royal palaces and cultural sites

In order to preserve the pride and status of Bunyoro Kingdom, the Omukama has facilitated the repair of royal palaces and cultural sites of Bujwahya Karuzika (Palace), Hoima through giving them a new look with;

  • Completion of palace repairs
  • Completion and commissioning of plumbing & Electrical works
  • Construction of 60cm3 u/g tank and lifting pump
  • Construction of carport and pump grille around the kitchen
  • Furnishing and hosiery
  • Construction of secure perimeter wall fence and gates.

Repairs of driveways and walkways

  • Gardening and landscaping

The Omukama of Bunyoro marked his 25th coronation anniversary. (PHOTO/File)

Return of lost property

He has also advocated for the return of the Kingdom’s property from the central government since the year 2000.

Government has since returned Bunyoro Kingdom’s assets which were initially confiscated by the state in 1967 soon after colonial rule by a previous regime.

Properties that were returned include forest reserves, cultural sites, land and buildings among others.

Subsequently, several land titles have also been handed over to Bunyoro Kingdom by the government.

Omukama Iguru has also ensured proper utilization of the returned property for the greater good of all his subjects.

Investment in sugar and oil

The kingdom under his reign has been able to do investments in Kinyara Sugar and others in oil and gas fields by being active in tree planting especially in the Albertine region where oil is currently being explored.

There has been the promotion of agriculture and discouraging the growing of tobacco in the kingdom.

It must be recalled that Omukama Iguru reshuffled his cabinet on January 15, 2018, following public complaints about their alleged involvement of some members in dubious sale of kingdom properties, incompetence and abuse of office.



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