It’s better to take this move than hiding under cover – Wanyama to Ssenyonyi

People Power spokesperson Joel Senyonyi and Don Wanyama Innocent, the senior presidential press secretary respectively. (PHOTO/FILE)

KAMPALA – The senior presidential press secretary Don Wanyama Innocent has Tuesday evening in a controversial style welcomed the newly People Power spokesperson Joel Senyonyi into politics.

Mr. Wanyama through his official Facebook page said that Mr. Ssenyonyi has for long been hiding behind the camera yet he was politicking in most aspects.

“I welcome my brother Joel Senyonyi to the open political arena. I have always argued that it is better to take this move than hide under the cover of the media yet all you are doing is politicking,” said Mr. Wanyama in a statement.

He added that it was weird for him [Mr. Ssenyonyi] to participate in OTT protests in 2018 and make the same incident a lead story in the bulletin.

“I remember the day he led a demo against OTT and in the evening had to anchor and report news where the same demo was the lead story. Weird.”

“Now that Joel has undressed, I guess size won’t matter. See you in the arena,” said the former Daily Monitor journalist.

Mr. Ssenyonyi, the former NTV news anchor and producer of the popular Fourth Estate Show, Joel Ssenyonyi was on Tuesday appointed People Power’s new spokesperson.

The leader of the People Power pressure group and also Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine announced the appointment this morning.

Mr. Ssenyonyi was unveiled at a press conference in Kampala addressed by Bobi Wine and other People Power members on Tuesday, May 7.

On same function, Bobi Wine has urged other Ugandans to follow the example of Mr. Ssenyonyi, who abandoned his journalism career to join People Power movement.

Former NTV news anchor Joel Ssenyonyi (red tie), Bobi Wine (middle), Hon. Zaake Francis, Hon JEEMA party leader and lawyer Asuman Basalirwa during a presser in Kampala. (PHOTO/COURTESY)

According to Bobi Wine, Ugandan intellectuals need to join the struggle to liberate the country from what he calls oppression and dictatorship.

“It was with great honor this morning that I introduced to the nation the National Spokesperson for the People Power movement. Joel Ssenyonyi is an intelligent young Ugandan, accomplished professional, and devoted patriot. He is a man of unquestionable integrity with an impeccable record in speaking out against injustice, bad governance and the many evils that bedevil our society,” Bobi Wine said in a statement on Tuesday.

“It gives me great pleasure to see intelligent young Ugandans join this struggle to liberate our country from oppression and dictatorship. Thank you comrade, for accepting this responsibility, which I know is a sacrifice. I encourage all other Ugandans- young and old, men and women, educated and not educated- to take on the mantle and work for our nation’s redemption. No one else will do it for us- it is us we have been waiting for!”

Mr. Ssenyonyi told journalists how he narrowly survived being named ‘Yoweri’.

“I have every so often tried to do things which I believed as a citizen I should do but time has come when I felt the fault-plugging a lot more,” Mr Ssenyonyi while speaking to journalists in Kamwokya, a Kampala suburb.



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