Down and out! Ex-VP Bukenya’s wife lists 10 mistresses after filing for divorce

(L-R) Songtress Irene Namubiru, former Vice President, Gilbert Bukenya and CBS veteran radio presenter and Princess Sheila Nvanungi, (PHOTOMONTAGE/PML Daily)

KAMPALA – Dr. Margaret Bukenya, married to former Vice-President Prof. Gilbert Balibaseka Bukenya since 1974, has filed for divorce — 46 years after her vows, and lists 10 women who have since allegedly gotten the better the husband she promised ‘to love till death’.

In her lawsuit filed before the Family Court, Dr Margaret has accused her husband of adultery, the easiest route to divorce under the Ugandan law.

Dr Margaret has been married to Dr. Bukenya since Saturday, September 21, 1974, when they made their vows at St. Augustine Chapel, Makerere University, solemnised in accordance with the provision of the marriage church traditions and the legal implications.

The two, later went through the blissful stages of a happy marriage, living at Mulago and Mbale hospitals where they both worked as medical doctors.

Dr Margaret states that the two have three children aged between 30-45 years, but however in the course of their marriage, Dr. Bukenya has deserted their family/matrimonial home, engaged in endless instances of adultery and infidelity which has subjected her to countless acts of emotional distress and abuse amounting to cruelty.

“I have been abandoned by the respondent (Dr. Bukenya) without any explanation whatsoever in a manner that can only amount to the dissertation,” Dr. Margaret deponed in her affidavit accompanying the petition.

Former Vice President Gilbert hands Sheila Nnvanugni sums of money after her performance at a show. (PHOTO/File)

According to the court documents, Dr Margaret asserts that Dr Bukenya has not spent a night at the family/matrimonial home in Ntinda since July 2012 and before that, he had only visited briefly in October 2011 to attend Mass following his release from prison.

Dr. Margaret says that Dr. Bukenya has not given any provision/ upkeep for the maintenance of the family residence since his abandonment of the same and as a result the guards that were assigned to her as the spouse of the former vice president withdrawn due to her inability to provide them food and other amenities.

She accuses Dr. Bukenya of issuing strict instructions to her to stay away from their country home in Kakiri, (Busiro block 233 plot 7) and their land in Nagulu, Lwamtam for nearly 10years.

“I have become the never-ending source of ridicule and embarrassment in media following the respondent’s shameless sexual acts with women and girls especially as the news always make direct mention of me as the wife of the respondent,” Dr Margarent states.

Bukenya and wife Dr.Margaret Bukenya were at Kololo court in 2011. (PHOTO/Courtesy)

She states that as a result of these numerous extra mental affairs, she had to constantly endure agony and fear not only undergoing HIV and STD tests but also worrying about her safety in light of the claims from other women that the respondent was their husband.

Dr Margaret states that the respondent’s promiscuous lifestyle and cruel deposition towards her even at the age of 70 has brought rest to her scared Catholic beliefs against divorce as any hope that the respondent will transform.

She states that in the course of her marriage, she dedicated her earning and savings as a nutrition medical specialist with organizations like Save the Children solely to fending and development of her family and educating her children.

Through her lawyers of Ligomarc & Co. Advocates, Dr Margaret wants an order that she receives half the fair value of the property to which she has contributed as determined by a valuer appointed by this court.

She also wants to be awarded alimony commensurate to her station in life and that the respondent pays the costs of and incidental to the petition.


Particulars of adultery:

Around 1982/83 the respondent repeatedly committed adultery with a one Ms Teddy Ndagire with whom they had a son named Capt. Brain Bukenya (now deceased).

In the late 1990s, the respondent took up and maintained a mistress named Ms Stella Njuba (deceased) a daughter of a close family friend with whom they got 2 children.

In the early 2000s, the respondent also started sexual relationships with a one Ms Margaret Kabasinguzi Nyabongo Akiiki who was part of his mobilisation staff in the constituency with whom they got one child that led to the break up of her marriage. He still maintains this woman and their child in a house he built for her them in Fort Portal.

In 2004 the respondent started sexual relations with a one Jamila Nakku who he maintained in their country home in Nagulu, Lwamtama. Nakku claimed Dr. Bukenya had married her at a cultural function at her parents home.

In 2008 started on an adulterous relationship with a one Ms. Shony Batanda a staff at his office as vice president’s office and with her, he has one child aged 8 years.

Around 2014/2015 the respondent had a relationship with a one Ms Justine Najjemba with whom they got a child about 4 years she stays in Namayumba, Wakiso District.

On several occasions, he has continuously committed adulterous with a one Ms Cissy Namujju a former political mobilisation staff.

Dr. Bukenya, according to the plant has also had sexual relation with Ms. Josephine Nakaju.

Had several other affairs which have been highly publicised in the media with popular musician Ms. Irene Namubiru, Princess Sheila Nvanungi among others.

The court is yet to set a hearing for the embarrassing case against the former VP, now in political limbo.



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