We are not scared by defections, says FDC

Opposition deputy chief whip in Parliament, Harold Muhindo (MP Busongora South) has downplayed defection citing that the FDC Party is solid (FILE PHOTO)

KAMPALA – Officials from the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) have downplayed the impact of defections from the party to the new Alliance for National Transformation party formed by former party president Rtd Maj Gen Mugisha Muntu.

Opposition deputy chief whip in Parliament, who is also Busongora South Member of Parliament Harold Muhindo, said he does not fear that the defectors from Kasese District will not weaken the party.

“Now we have a challenge in Kasese, it is where the national chairman for Alliance for National Transformation (ANT) Mr Yokasi Bihande comes from but I want to tell you this will not have any impact on the FDC support in Kasese. When Kibanzanga (Christopher, Ministers of state for Agriculture) crossed, the NRM was sure they had finished the FDC support in Kasese, people though Kasese was gone, he went alone, Kasese has since never changed, it has instead become stronger with all MPs now FDC.” He said.

“You can’t fear because people are defecting, just organize yourselves, mobilize and know what you want.” He further said.

He was speaking at the commissioning of the Regional People’s assembly, the Peoples’ government parliament for Kigezi region at the weekend.

The people’s government was formed by former presidential candidate Dr Kizza Besigye following the contested 2016 presidential election. He said he does not recognize the election of president Museveni then. According to a letter read to the assembly by Mr Muhindo, the assembly is an all-inclusive, non-partisan transitional government of national unity that shall see that the 2016 election victory is reclaimed and or prevent President Museveni from standing again in 2021.

In an interview with the media on the sidelines of the meeting, the FDC secretary for mobilization Ms Ingrid Turinawe said the party was lucky that their former president Maj Gen Mugisha Muntu parted ways since he could not be understood and his ways looked like he was eating the party from the ground.

“His (Gen Muntu) departure was a blessing we have not lost anything. Him and the people who claim to have since gone with him, has eliminated all the outstanding obstacles. Our plans now move as planned and we are stronger. Then we would plan when there is someone who would make it difficult to execute the plan or make sure it will not work.” Ms Turinawe said.

Ms Turinawe said the ANT will not be a threat to the FDC since they have since reorganized and set up stronger structures that can’t be easily penetrated or challenged.

An over 400 strong regional body (People’s assembly) was sworn in at a function presided over by a Kabale based Lawyer Rev Ezra Bikangiso.

Dr Besigye who heads the People’s government appointed the Kabale district FDC chairperson Ms Lydia Turyahumura the Kigezi region Commissioner with two deputies Mr Darius Tweyambe Baguma and Mr Joseph Tindyebwa. Other 12 district commissioners from 6 districts in Kigezi region were appointed.

At the meeting, speakers and deputy speakers for the 6 districts were also elected by the members of the assembly which shall serve as the legislative arm of the people’s government at National, regional and district level.

Mr Vicent Mushakamba, the Kisoro district FDC chairperson was elected the assembly speaker to be deputized by Kabale opposition activist Mr Elijah Kayonde.

Other 15 People’s assembly meetings were held in 15 regions nationwide to activate the promise of regional governments promised by Dr Besigye in the 2016 elections. The district, sub-county, parish and village assemblies shall later be constituted by the chosen teams according to Ms Turinawe.



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