We are disappointed! MPs back Fresh Kid, ask Minister Nakiwala to find other things to do

Hon. Ann Adeke Ebaju, flanked by Hon. Mpaka Mwine and Hon. Gaffa Mbatekamwa on Monday addressing journalists at parliament. (PML Daily PHOTO)

KAMPALA – MPS want state minister Nakiwala to back off Ssenyonjo Patrick alias Fresh Kid’s career alone and find other businesses to lay her hands.

The MPS led by youth MP Western region, Mpaka Mwine, female national youth MP, Ann Adeke Ebaju ,Kasambya county MP, Gaffa Mbatekamwa and Tororo municipality MP, Apollo Yeri Ofwono told journalists Monday afternoon at parliament that they are disappointed with state minister for Youth and Children’s Affairs, Florence Nakiwala Kiyingi for blocking Fresh kid from pursuing his music career.

Mwine said that as youth representatives, they are disturbed by the minister’s statement regarding the career of fresh kid to stop singing and go back to school, adding that the minister should know that this country has a lot of economic imbalances and that Uganda has many poor who are unable to cater for their families.

“Therefore if a child like Fresh kid can find ways to utilize his career to support himself and family we find this very noble and argue her to back off,” Mr. Mwine noted.

Fresh Kid during an interview with Galaxy FM in Kampala. (PHOTO/FILE)

Ms. Ebaju added that besides knowing that in common law an infant can actually engage in such trades aimed at using his career such sports and entertainment and fresh Kid’s actions are no way a violation of any law.

“We also know that getting educated is not a guarantee for a bright future,” she said.

She emphasised that since Fresh Kid is only 7years, his managers should bear in mind that his well-being is protected.

Mr. Mbatekamwa explained that the minister ordering fresh kid back to school is killing his talent, she should be the first person to support him financially so that he can go to school as he continues with his talent.

“Since I have some knowledge in health, I would like to become one of his managers because we don’t want his promoters and managers to exploit him. He is a minor and we need to mentor him and we are here to help him,” Mbatekamwa noted.

Hon. Ofwono also expressed his support for Fresh Kid, adding that his career could fetch for Uganda more revenue. He said he should just be guided because he is still young and needs all the support of everybody.

Minister of State for Youth and Children Affairs, Florence Nakiwala Kiyingi, addresses the press (PHOTO/FILE)

Ms. Nakiwala last week on Tuesday, March 26 asked the youngest artist in Uganda Fresh Kid real name Senyonjo Patrick to stop performing due to his tender age.

“Uganda’s constitution Article 59 clause 56 line 8 restricts young children below 18 from being used for any financial benefits,” said Ms. Nakiwala

She said the time Fresh Kid uses into music is controversial to the time he should be at school, something she says is against the law.

“If the underage are used for income, both who brought and hired them are charged equally for aiding them (kids) to break the law under penal code act,” threatened minister.

Fresh Kid 7, is the youngest and new rapper in Uganda who is a primary 2 pupil at St. Agnes primary school. He has songs like such as “Taki Taki’ and ‘Banteeka’.  According to his different interviews, he was born in Kasana Luweero where his manager Francis picked him in 2018 and signed him under De Texas Entertainment.



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