Tears as hundreds mourn slain IHK doctor

Grief engulfed Mbuya Catholic Church Kampala as mourners barely held their tears at the gruesomely murdered Dr. Catherine Agaba on Tuesday, April 23. (FILE PHOTO)

KAMPALA – Grief engulfed Mbuya Catholic Church Kampala on Tuesday at the requiem mass held for Dr Catherine Agaba, whose body was found in a septic tank in Muyenga, Makindye Division on Monday.

Every mourner struggled to hold tears over the death of the 28-year-old doctor at the hands of a security guard, who confessed that he strangled Dr Agaba to death because she always reported him to his boss for coming late for duty.

The deceased’s uncle, Mr. Dentos Kavini, said Agaba’s death is too hard to overcome.

“I don’t know how I will ever erase the picture of how Dr Cathy was removed from the septic tank. Those of you who know Dr Cathy, she was a joyous face, turned black like charcoal, completely naked. I don’t know she did, but her life didn’t have to end like that,” he said.

Mr Joseph Mugabe, Agaba’s brother, struggled to speak. “It’ so sad seeing our sister lying in a coffin in front of us. Our sister didn’t deserve to die like this,” he said.

Dr Michael Oling, the Medical Director of IHK where Dr Agaba worked revealed how they almost failed to complete the postmortem on the deceased.

“The skins had all peeled off and even the ears were all gone, only the skull was left. Yesterday’s postmortem was the toughest in my life. We had to even ask for seats to sit down because it was really tough,” he said

Rev Fr Anthony Kibira, who led the mass, also revealed that it was a very difficult moment for him.

“I can tell you sincerely that all funerals are difficult, but this one is more difficult. A medical doctor who has prepared herself to save the lives so that even when we die, we die in dignity, a doctor who had a long and bright career just to disappear like this and later on found dumped in a septic tank? That’s hard to take. “Don’t be satisfied with quick answers. In the newspapers we have given the reason as to why Dr Agaba was killed, that’s too cheap. This is not a glorification of God, killing is not for the glorification of God. I pray for the conversion of heart for that person or those people who robbed Cathy of her life,” Fr Kibira said.

The body of the late IHK Doctor Cathy Agaba arrive at Our Lady of Africa Mbuya ahead of the requiem mass (COURTESY PHOTO)

Dr. Anthony Ekwaro Obuku, the president of Uganda Medical Association, said death has robbed the medical fraternity of a star.

“While we commend strongly the Uganda Police Force for taking quick action to bring Dr. Agaba’s murderer to book; we implore the Police leadership to invest more in the prevention and fighting crime rather than tear-gas and similar items that do not necessarily benefit the common Ugandan citizen.”

Mr Patrick Onyango, the Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson, promised to fast track the investigations to ensure that the suspect is taken to the court before the week ends. He said the suspect recorded an extrajudicial statement at Makindye Chief Magistrates Court which will be used to prosecute him.

“We are going to fast track investigations and we know by the end of the week he will be taken to court. We shall do everything to ensure that justice is served,” My Onyango said.

Dr Agaba was born to the late Justine Rutagumba and Fred Rutagumba, residents of Kagonji village in Kashari, Mbarara District.



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