Victoria University unveils plans  to make Mpigi a world success story

Victoria University has confirmed plans to partner with Mpigi local government to set up smart model village. (FILE PHOTO)

KAMPALA – Victoria University has announced plans to partner with Mpigi District Local Government, aiming to turn the village into a success story of a sustainable rural community.

According to Pamella Magino, the University Marketing, and Recruitment Specialist, once launched mid this year, the partnership will see the birth of a world-class smart model village in the area.

“Under this arrangement both the University and the District will spare resources to invest in the initiative   spreading over a period of time, closely monitor and draw agenda that will enable each party to realize its ideals with regards to service delivery on one side and relevant higher education on the other side,” Ms. Magino noted.

She explained that the partnership will also bolster abilities to manage its health, business, technology, and societal aspects as mirrored by the four faculties of the University.

PML Daily has learnt that in February this year, the university technical team met and shared the concept with the district select committee to defend the partnership as the university strives to support homegrown paradigms including relevant community research, effective district leadership capacity building, and policy guidance.

Ms. Magino noted that under the new arrangement, students undertaking the Degree in Public Administration will make vital community-level initiatives towards Good Governance, Corporate Governance, and Public Accountability.

She added the arrangement will also support SMEs with strategies to grow as well as supporting the District to identify additional revenue streams.

“In the Health Sciences area of study aspects of public health and nutrition at both family and community levels will be a regular life testimony that students will learn, unlearn and relearn,” she said adding that students reading IT will predominantly support the demystification of IT at the grassroots to improve livelihoods through simple IT-enabled banking operations, communication, and business management.”

Magino said the initiative is a brain-child of the University and that it will offer additional value to its students’ education including providing relevant solutions through a scholarly approach.



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